twitchKevin Parr has launched his idea for “The Twitch”, a book about a fanatic bird watcher who will do anything to beat his rivals, with, the award-winning, crowd-funded publisher. The book’s darkly comic plot focuses on the intriguing world of “twitching”, competitive bird watching that can involve travelling great distances to catch a glimpse of a rare bird. Readers can read an extract from the book and watch a pitch video on the Unbound website and if they like the idea, pledge support to make the book happen. If the book gets enough support, it will be published.

The book charts the descent into darkness of the ultimate fanatical twitcher, Edward Banger. Perusing “the twitch” is Banger’s way of escaping: escaping the drudgery of a nine to five job, escaping the pressures of maintaining a healthy marriage, and escaping from his teenage girls that are, at best, unwelcome inconveniences.

Bird and Body Counts Mount

He is determined to win the annual bird race, a competition steeped in history and glory. All he has to do is see more species of birds in the British Isles than anyone else, all within a single calendar year – and he is willing to do anything to win. Anything. The Twitch explores the lengths that people will go to beat their rivals as the bird and body counts mount.

“The Twitch” is the first novel from the writer Kevin Parr. Parr has for many years been the  Angling Correspondent to The Idler as well as contributing toAnglers Mail and Caught by the River. The idea for the book came after he met a group twitchers who had travelled to Andover to spot a rare white-tailed eagle that had taken a wrong turn after leaving its nest on Finland. Parr failed to spot the eagle, but did become fascinated by the passionate devotees to this pastime.

Parr comments: “Banger is up there at the apex of obsession. He can be an obnoxious sod, but his drive and commitment to the cause are undeniable. I’ve been having great fun collecting material for the book and I’m excited that if enough people like the idea it will become a reality. "

Be In The Book

Readers can pledge support for “The Twitch” at, in return for which they can receive benefits ranging from an e-book or limited edition hardback to day out twitching with Parr or even the opportunity to appear in the book. Supporters will also have access to Parr’s writer’s ‘shed’ where they will receive updates as the book is being written and other exclusive pieces by Parr.

Unbound, the crowd-funded publishing venture, was founded in May 2011 by QI’s John Mitchinson and Justin Pollard with “Crap Towns” author Dan Kieran. It has already attracted to its ranks bestselling writers including Kate Mosse, Robert Llewellyn and Rupert Isaacson. In 2011 Unbound successfully published “Evil Machines by Terry Jones, “Crushed Mexican Spiders” by Tibor Fischer and “We Can Be Heroes” by Graham Smith.

To watch Kevin Parr’s pitch for The Twitch and to hear ideas from other Unbound authors visit:


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