bentlegg-cover-photoAye Aye, I want to inform you of a wonderful new childrens book launched today Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay! He is a lovable pirate who embarks on adventures that involve all who know and love him, whether they like it or not. 

In this first story he comes up against Snotwart Sniveller, his arch-enemy, and his faithful crew hatch a plot to rescue him from Snotwart's clutches on Whale Island.

As a picture book it is fun for both younger and older children alike. A great story to read aloud or for young readers to take on themselves, and perhaps even pick up some new vocabulary.

The Author Jilly Bentley is originally from Bridport. I wonder if you can recognise any of the characters mentioned in her book Bentleg Badsmeller of Barnacle Bay!

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Images of Bridport and West Bay

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