book-binderyJoin us on a bookbinding Journey through the many ways books have developed and evolved. You will explore materials and learn how to work with them to achieve strong useable books in a range of styles.

BOOKBINDING CLASSES are on Wednesdays from 7pm–9pm June 7th to July 12th September 6th–October 11th £145 (concessions £120)

Week 1 A single section book is the simplest, ideal for a thin notebook or sketchbook and introduces some of the basic bookbinding skills.

Week 2 Coptic binding is the first of the multi-section books we will learn. This is an ancient method dating back to the early Coptic Christians of the 2nd century. It's a simple book form with the appearance of something much more impressive!

Week 3 Oriental binding encompasses many different styles but the side sewn or stab bound style is the one most often associated with the East. We will explore the method and some of the regional variations.

Weeks 4-6 The flat back binding will be the next development introducing the book structure most others are based. This is one of the basic sewing styles that hold the vast majority of hardback books we use today.

Half Day Saturdays

Saturdays  10am-2pm £45

June 3rd, 24th & September 2nd GERMAN LONGSTITCH
an ancient book construction which results in a very supple, easy-to-use book. It also lends itself to some interesting artistic possibilities.

July 8th & 29th COPTIC BINDING Originating amongst the Coptic Christians of the 2nd century, all you need is paper.

June 10th & September 23rd LETTERPRESS PRINTING
Learn about quoins, furniture and chases and print your own words of wisdom.

Specialist Sundays
Sundays 10am-5pm £95

June 11th & September 24th FLATBACK BINDING
A traditional binding used for most of the hardback books in libraries and bookshops. Explore the possibilities of cover design and end–papers.

June 25th & July 23rd SECRET BELGIAN BINDING
Appears ancient but is, in fact, a very recent solution devised in the 80s. It's a style that superficially resembles a stab binding but opens much easier, making it a versatile book.

July 9th & September 3rd ORIENTAL BINDING with CASE
The visibly decorative sewing of this oriental style has a traditional pattern but there is no limit to what you could do with it.

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