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Credit: Sam Rich

Yes at last the mystery has finally been solved...

Back in June 2007 workmen working at the back of a vacant property known as "Custard Cottage" in Morcombelake where excavating the old gardens and demolishing a small wall thought for many years to be a shed or outside privy wall, well they had a shock when they broke through and found a cave entrance!


kioskMrs Margaret Miggins' ice cream kiosk is up for rent.

The kiosk that stands on West Bay esplanade has been there since time immemorial withstanding the battering of the elements and standing the strongest of storms, with Margaret and John serving sustenance to all weary travellers.


18/01/16 - 14.37 The Coast Guard was alerted to reports of a large metallic object believed to be a moon that had washed up on the beach near West Bexington.

The Coastguard requested that Officers proceed to the area to investigate the object, secure it if possible and make sure it posed no danger to members of the  planet Alderaan.

On arrival, the Officers found the washed up item approximately 1000m West of West Bexington that had been stranded on the retreating tide.

pink-floyds-wallFlashback to 1982, Pink Floyd's prog rock album The Wall is released to critical acclaim, a story of depression and true Rock n roll detached emotions set in post war 50's Britain.

The Wall was used in the school scene where the protagonist "Pink" was trapped in an oppressive school system culminating in him and his fellow pupils falling into a meat grinder, nice. The children then rebel and destroy the school as well as the teacher, even nicer.

With sets designed by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe this piece of the original wall be be up for grabs soon on EBay.

What...? wait...? whhoah... What's Wrong With This Picture?


Something's amiss, silly broadchurch.

Via: Carly Jayne Parsons

faith-bunsBakeries and supermarkets across the country are being asked by religious leaders not to promote discrimination by selling hot cross buns.

The multi-faith work party F.A.P.S. (Faiths Against Product Separatism) said:

"This is another instance where discrimination between faiths becomes apparent" they continued to state "We are asking bakers up and down the country to include the iconography of all the major faiths or simply make non-denominational buns".

Hipster Beards and Cappuccino Coffees Implicated In New MRSA Pandemic

hipster-coffeeIt has been revealed in the December edition of posh BMA journal that the trendy face hair worn by "Hipsters" to hide behind is responsible for the latest outbreak of superbug MRSA in Dorsetshire.

Dr Charalambous Beardipopolous talking via Skype from his office at the BRA (Beard Research Academy) is an expert in beard related transmittable diseases has suggested that froth from cappuccino style coffees drunk on pavement cafes is the perfect breeding ground for the superbug.

badgerBadgers demand human cull to prevent spread of Ebola

Increasingly concerned at the impending threat of the Ebola virus, badger community leaders have called for the introduction of a human culling program.

"We're proposing an initial pilot program," Furry Rita told us yesterday, "by having marksmen to shoot the pilots of the planes that seem to be bringing in the virus into the country. The pilots may not have Ebola themselves, but they are obviously carriers so need to be eliminated for the good of everyone else."


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