Bridport monorailThe proposed Olympic monorail that is scheduled to come into service by 2012 serving stations from Bridport to Portland along the Chesil Bank has been allowed to broaden their remit to include shuttle monorails from Asker Meadows car park to the centre of town and further on to the Symondsbury Park 'n' Slide system.

Enough Rubbish

chesil_monorail The Olympic Monorail has come under fire from pro "Cull the Gull" activists saying that its route along the Chesil Bank will force even more sea birds inland and into conflict with humans for resources such as chips. Planners tried to allay fears by stating People getting off and on the train along the route will be providing enough rubbish overflowing from bins to sustain the gulls in the vicinity. Local farmers along the Chesil Bank are also unhappy as the compulsory purchase of farmland along the route goes ahead to make way for the train stops now dubbed "Fleet Services".



#1 Stretchy Nuts 17-03-2006 13:10
You fail to mention the branch line that’s also been put forward linking to the new Wal-Mart Super Store that’s going to be built at Gore Cross!
#2 long lineVocal Local 26-03-2006 23:25
I heard that they are going to dig up the old railway line and build a tunnel underneath it.
#3 More roadsooaargh 05-04-2006 18:12
I am appalled and saddened to read about the possibility of a railway along the coast. I am a distant relative of Dr Beeching and he would be turning in his grave if he thought that some spotty train spotting oiks were thinking of undoing all the good work he did by getting freight and passengers off of the effective and comprehensive rail system we had and moving them onto the overcrowded roads. I suggest we build a dual carriageway along the chesil bank as this will only bring in more tourists to the area. ps do I have to declare my interest in petrol and tarmac shares to make this point?
#4 RE: ENOUGH RUBBISHroy 14-05-2006 04:42
I totally agree with ooaargh, but, instead of a dual carriageway along Chesil bank, make the road a six lane motorway. It would have to start at the Bridport Arms pub car park (West Bay), the only reasonable initial access, make West Bay to Marsh Barn NO ENTRY. Further access/exit points could be made at Burton Bradstock and Swyre/West Bexington. At the western end of the Fleet, a slip road could be made to allow visitors to see the wonders of Abbotsbury, this will be a toll road (both ways, it works in Wales), which will cover the cost of the Chesil Motorway being closed for resurfacing/damage repair before it is built/laid.
#5 RE: MONORAIL MARVELFooty Seagull 19-08-2006 13:12
A monorail from Bridport to Weymouth along the Chesil Bank? Is it April 1st? This has to be a bad joke. The only ones to use it will be the seagulls who want to emigrate from Weymouth to West Bay (lots of lovely fishing boats) and Bridport. The thought of the amount of environmental damage the building of this will do to the Chesil Beach and The Fleet is horrendous. Once the Olympics are over the whole project will just fall into disrepair through lack of use. What a toal waste of taxpayers money. The money should be sent instead on feeding all the poor hungry seagulls. We could build them their own fish and chip shops with all food free of charge being paid for by the taxpayers. Now that would be a good idea.
#6 RE: MONORAIL MARVELRicardus Pogelmann 25-08-2006 10:41
Another threat to the environment-a monorail. In this area of natural beauty, it would make more sense to re-open the West Bay-Bridport-Maiden Newton railway, and the Abbotsbury-Weymouth-Easton lines. perhaps locals and visitors alike could lobby the area M.P.`s, and M.E.P.`s, about this, as the present socio-economic climate renders a return to rail travel more desirable.
#7 RE: MONORAIL MARVELPisces 03-09-2006 23:21
There is only one practical answer to the transport problem between Bridders and Weyville-Submarine! Board at the Jurassic Pier-slide along the seabed destroying all the fan corals that the local scallop boats have saved for the divers to drool over and surface to unload the fascinated farepayers at the Hades of The Stone Pier where they can then make their own way unaided to the fleshpots and opium dens of the town that gave us The Black Death!
#8 RE: MONORAIL MARVELFooty Seagull 23-09-2006 05:05
Latest world news from Germany a monorail crash has killed 23 people. Now do we really want our visitors or locals being killed by an untried and unproven system which would desecrate the natural beauty of the Chesil Bank? I agree with Ricardus Pogelmann let\'s revive the old rail lines and turn it into a tourist attraction with steam engines. You only have to look at the Swanage Railway to see the success of such a venture without endangering the lives of those who travel on it.
#9 RE: MONORAIL MARVELroy 23-09-2006 15:48
Another solution to the monorail could be an under ground rail system running from Lyme Regis with pick up points, (railway stations to the uninitiated), at Charmouth, Chideock, West Bay (utilise the existing redundant station, now a cafe, more customers for them), and Burton Bradstock (\'Hive Beach station\' sounds good). Swyre and West Bexington will have to come to an agreement as to who will be the entry station to Kingstone Russell Stone Circle. Abbotsbury will have to have a \'major\' terminal so gro**les, sorry holiday makers, can visit the swannery, the subtropical gardens, St Catherines Chapel, the tithe barn, and/or the Abbey. Fleet would be the next stop due to its smuggling connections, then Wyke Regis where the rail line returns to the surface for the trip to Ferry Bridge/Fortuneswell and connections to Weymouth. This would help to keep security costs down as each station would need two persons to provide 24 hour cover, whereas, two persons per pylon along the length of the monorail, to prevent the g..g..gro..groc..(holidaymakers) from bumping into them while running to the sea, although proving work for the local community, could prove costly. The tunnel could be constructed by reclaiming the abandoned tunneling machines used for the channel tunnel, again reducing the cost of purchasing new ones.
#10 RE: MONORAIL MARVELsager 27-09-2006 21:47
Wouldn\'t just be a lot easier and cheaper to run a more frequent X53 double deck bus service? There are great views all along the coast to Weymouth the stations (bus stops) are already there, no need to build a new (rail)road and no disruption or desecration to the local beauty spots. Also there wouldn\'t be a massive increase in the council tax to pay for an unnecessary alternative to the curent bus route.
#11 RE: AT THE POLLSIvor Bigun 21-10-2006 12:15
There is no doubt about it!!!The worst drivers are those demented speed merchants who charge about like they are on a dodgem track - weaving and swerving with no regard to others.They overtake without signals,stop without looking and park where-ever they like-I hate those electric wheelchairs and granny carts with a vengeance!!!
#12 monorailRicardus Pogelmann 18-03-2007 09:07
Come on, locals, what about campaigning to re-open your railway? Weymouth too Easton & Abbotsbury are having a go, what about liaising to open West Bay to Maiden Newton? Or are the locals too apathetic?
#13 Denzlepob_at_work 15-10-2007 06:29
Might be.
#14 Carlito 15-10-2007 12:12
Why create a rail link to Bridport?! It\'d be like a quarantine breach! Within a matter of months we\'d be \""""infected\"""".
#15 goccibos 15-10-2007 14:02
(11) yes, leave it be, a good Dorset motto
#16 Rustic 15-10-2007 23:09
Ricardos may not have noticed, sounding as he does decidely \""""not from round these parts\"""" but the track where the railway did exist has been built on and there is nowhere else for it to go; As Carlito correctly points out if they opened up the rail link we would have all sorts of dreadful northeners wandering about with hankies on their heads, by ecking, moaning about the beer and weather, looking at our views and probably feeding the seagulls. Luckily for us being from """"oop north"""" none of them would be able to afford to buy houses but they might rent them and get the social to pay. At least when they come in cars and caravans to visit West Bay, which is now being billed as the GATEWAY to World Heritage Jurassic Coast,(excuse me while I wipe the tears of incredulous laughter from my eyes) they can see how terrible it is and bugger off to sit in a traffic jam on the A35 on their way to Devon or Cornwall. Opening up the railway would be a journey up the wrong track and lets face it; to get anywhere you would first have to go to Maiden Newton, (which is no laughing matter) change trains to either cut over Bristol way or go to the open sewer that is dorch west, walk half a mile with your bags to dorch south only to be told you had missed the late running sevice due to a dead ant on the track. I don\'t know about you but I just don\'t need that amount of stress in my life
#17 Mad Max Headroom 21-06-2008 08:47
Aaah, Rustic, you just re-kindled the memory of the rail network as I remembered it 20 years ago!! Bad then, worse now!!!! Perhaps we should consider digging a tunnel from Bournemouth to Weymouth? That would keep the roads clear!!
#18 Dorsetman 23-07-2008 02:12
If Richard Branson has been conned into providing an undergound maglev between Bridders and Colmers hill let's persuade (con) him into buildig the underground railway between Bridders and (cough splutter), weymouth/Portland. Every body young say aye, every body old say aye. Let's get a cheaper means of transport than my free bus pass.
#19 RE: MONORAIL MARVELEditor 02-05-2012 09:18
Quoting Vocal Local:
I heard that they are going to dig up the old railway line and build a tunnel underneath it.
#20 RE: MONORAIL MARVELEditor 05-02-2015 09:11
On behalf of Footy Seagull:

Certainly the re-opening of the West Bay, Bridport Maiden Newton line together Abbotsbury, Weymouth, Easton lines with a lot of the track bed still being in place would be far more sensible than this crazy idea of a monstrously ugly monorail. These lines could be run in the summer months as a steam railway which would generate extra visitors to the area while in the winter a single diesel car could provide a reasonably useful service. The views from these services would be especially good if the services were run with observation cars making a picturesque and interesting railway service. But monorail along the beautiful Chesil Bank? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,

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