Bridport Town Council have taken up a sponsorship deal from industry giant Coca Cola as part of the renovation of the Town Hall, Coca Cola are putting forward £170,000 to install a new digital display to replace the existing old fashioned clock face. A council spokesperson said “it will also tell the date and ambient temperature and will sound the hours as before"

Handy for commuters using the new Olympic Monorail


#1 PlansEditor 13-01-2011 14:55
Full plans available here:
#2 RE: A Right Clock UpLen Herbert 06-08-2011 17:43
I'm astonished that a Grade 1 listed building could be ruined in this way. The existing clock is not old fashioned, it works and its traditional face fits in with the historic buildings of the town. Whats next CocaColaville!
#3 Piccadilly on SeaSleepy Hedgehog 08-08-2011 17:07
I'm rather thinking that the Arts Centre could lend its forefront to neon-lighted TDK and Sanyo advertisements. That would buy them a few chairs...
#4 Light fpr planesdave johnston 09-08-2011 10:13
i do hope that the powers that be have thought that the digits will be bright at night and thay shall dim either with the aid of a sensor automaticly or as now
a climb to the top to wind up, turn a dial to adjust the brightness, we would not like to dazzle a passing motorist would we.
#5 TemperatureFox1 09-08-2011 12:36
Lets hope they use the correct measurements for the temperature and that the bell is not replaced by an announcement " Twist The Cap To Refreshment"
#6 CLOCKLloyd 22-08-2011 12:11
It is quite amazing that English Heritage have allowed the clock to be changed in this manner.
#7 Coca ColaTina Golden 15-10-2011 09:44
Have the Town Council looked at Corpwatch, the online organisation that checks out the ethics of major corporations. They might do this before accepting sponsorship from Coca Cola. And what about the battle against obesity....I am disgusted. Is it too late for a major petition to be organised? How dare they>
#8 Spoof -Tina Golden 15-10-2011 14:07
Some of us just have to see the word Coca Cola to see red...have a look at this documentary those who think this is funny.....
And yes I do lose my sense of humour....good wishes to all.

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