With the coffee wars heating up in Bridders you won't be able to turn round without getting foam from a skinnylartymockachino on your elbow or suffering a nasty graze from those biscotti (Italian for biscuit (which is French for dried cake)). Costa coffee have now joined the fray while Starbucks have had a setback to their bid to take over a nice family run concern in Bucky Doo Square after planners decided that it was more a trianglyoblong and would therefore have to re-zone it as set aside arable land.

Bridport coffee cartels have allegedly been involved in the "cutting" of coffee supplied to some new businesses with dried silage, unrepentant Cartel kingpin Frank Combine who refused to be named said
"Keep your hands to yourself, when I said "would you like to come in for a coffee?" that's all I meant, nothing more."

When interviewed, a spokesman for Costa Coffee said "I'm not a spokesman for Costa Coffee, I'm waiting for a bus".

We'll let you our listeners decide "rich tea or digestive?" 




#1 Pymore Goat 11-08-2008 08:40
I fear a big cup of Costa Coffee will be a must have fashion accessory for the youth of Bridport. Won't be long before the streets are littered with empty Costa containers. Amazing isn't it - that these days people seem completely unable to walk the streets without drinking coffee.
#2 goccibos 11-08-2008 12:23
Digestive! Can anyone sight a place in town where one can get REAL coffee? It's usually served up via an impressive Italian looking machine that makes the right noises but is stocked with ""coffee"" floor scrapings from a cheap producer in a third rate country. Two things bad with this country, crap coffee and s*** bread....actually I can think of a few more but I'd be at risk of starting the ""And another thing"" thread up again!!
#3 Carlito 11-08-2008 14:57
Let's do a quick survey... ""Carlito - in your humble, unprofessional, and therefore unliabelous opinion, why would you think the arrival of Costa Coffee in Bridport to be a success?"" Allow me to answer. Coffee in most pubs - Dish Water Coffee in No.10 - OK Coffee in the Bull - OK but made badly Coffee at Chez Cuddy - erm...where? Coffee at Bellas - Good Coffee I make at home - Brilliant Coffee at Costa Coffee - Fantastico! Therefore with most other locally owned coffee experiences falling short of the mark....it was ONLY A MATTER OF TIME! Now...BRING ON PIZZA EXPRESS BABY! MWAH HA HA HAHAAHAAHAAAAAA!
#4 bubbaphatass 11-08-2008 20:07
So Costa Coffee will reach the depths of Dorset? The Cafe Royal must be s**tting bricks....not! If the prices here are anything to go buy, not many people will be having a Grand Latte at £2.80 a cup! Thats nearly a 20th of a single mum's dole cheque, thats 2 pints of discount ale in The Greyhound, thats half an hours wages at the town's top payers! Remember punters, it's coffee, it's wet and vaguely frothy........buy a thermos and a jar of necafe gold blend!
#5 Morning Loves It 13-08-2008 09:09
I am happy Bridport has a dedicated Coffee House. I see it is franchised to a Dorchester Coffee Company. I have drunk too many bad cups of coffee in Bridport; all over the UK; coffee so bad I can't drink it. That's what I call an expensive cup of coffee. At least I know the coffee served in Costa Coffee is excellent and very drinkable and in comfortable surroundings and available all day. I won't get refused a coffee at one o'clock because it's lunchtime service and seats are understandably needed for food sales as in other Coffee Outlets.
#6 bubbaphatass 14-08-2008 08:50
I partial to a Jaffa Cake myself...............
#7 The Bat 14-08-2008 19:18
It's over priced and over here. Good coffee at a ridiculous price.
#8 goccibos 15-08-2008 10:39
Top tip local coffee-houses: Embrace 100% Arabica and reject Robusta blends, we can taste good quality!
#9 draino 16-08-2008 18:46
The coffee I make is the best coffee in the world - your eyes will bug out on stalks and you will have to evacuate your bowels ...it should be illegal!
#10 mrplanet 18-08-2008 15:45
I am sure I saw a sign in another Costa coffee, probably Newcastle airport, outlet saying "" We proudly serve Starbucks coffee"". therefore there might be a ""Starbucks by stealth"" in town. They are fitting out another Costa coffee in St Marys street Weymouth. Will Cafe Nero follow Costa into Bridport?
#11 tuzo 18-08-2008 18:02
who cares?
#12 rainbow 19-08-2008 10:22
Yeah,i agree, who cares.At least the shop is being used for something.Better than it was before,empty and an eyesore.I think it looks good with the table and chairs outside,and if you don't like it,then don't go there.
#13 Bill Stanley 27-08-2008 09:07
Do they do a nice cup of Bev? You don't see it about much these days.
#14 sagalout 27-08-2008 16:29
If it keeps the boring tw**s out of the George which means us alcoholics can get served faster, then I hope its a success.
#15 Carlito 29-08-2008 10:20
Oddly enough...even sitting in the branded Costa environment, there is still an overwhelming sense that something bad is about to happen. Just like in the days of Hardy's/West One. It's simply doomed!
#16 tuzo 30-08-2008 10:59
I stopped to chat with a somefield worker on a fag break, as west one was closing, and asked her opinion as to why this place never seemed to do well... she took a puff and then said, sagely ""no atmosphere""...(sort of like on the moon? I wondered) maybe the chef who used to fling plates about in the old west end dairy days, took it with him?
#17 hollywood 01-09-2008 20:17
they don't half know how to charge for wee pastries in costa 'bloody-arm-and-a-leg' coffee!! ah cud a fed the weeans for six weeks on lidl food after buying haf a dozen mini buns and a locka coffes and COLD freshly made drinking chocolate in thonder, the day after the torchlight procession. now, if Rawles made coffee like their Old English sausages, they'd clean up..
#18 Carlito 02-09-2008 13:43
I'm not sure many ""weeans"" would survive 6 weeks on Lidl food. It'd be the supermarket version of Supersize Me. However, if you're blessed with a Scottish gene pool you could probably expect them to live on anything...

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