This incredible photograph was taken by a Bridport Radio member Joy Adamson last weekend "I was just walking home from the pub and outside St Swithuns church I saw what at first I thought was a labrador coming out of the gates, as it came closer I noticed it was not a dog at all but a big cat, I managed to take a picture with my camera phone before it ran off up North Allington"

A local wildlife expert comments "Sightings of these big cats are on the increase we used to think they escaped from private zoos or circuses·but the feeling now is that they are born free. We are asking all members of the community to look out for these animals and to report them along with any evidence to bridportradio and also to "

deerD'oh a Deer

It may be these carnivores are following prey animals into the town, as shown by this photo from Bridport Radio member Bungle taken at 5.30am last Sunday in Vicky grove.

Giant Owls

Bridport Radio member Denzlepob has sent in this picture of a giant owl intimidating customers in a local hostelry. Giant owls are being introduced in a scheme to drive off troublesome Herring Gulls  but are now becoming problems themselves after reports of them carrying off small children.

Leviathan of Lyme Bay

Bridport Radio Mayor Waldorf & Stadtler stands and watches, as dozens of holiday makers are mauled by the “Lyme Bay Leviathan”. When asked why the mayor had not intervened, he responded “Well I was about to rush to their assistance but I noticed the England Flag beach towel handing from the beasts jaws. At first I though that perhaps the beast was German, but then I realised that he was just a concerned citizen, enraged by the sight of yet another England flag.”

Mr Leviathan is to be appointed as Mayoral Assistant and will be empowered with all Mayoral official duties in the absence of Waldorf & Stadtler. Mr Leviathan said “GRRRRRR, ARRRGHHUUURRRGGGG, GrRRRRAAAGGGGGGHHA” which we assume means he is very happy with his new position.  

Sea Devil

gOur antipodean cousins in Bridport, Tasmania  have been trying to solve our seagull problem by introducing the vicious Tasmanian Devil into the (equally vicious) Herring Gull nests in the hope of decimating their numbers. Problems arose when they decided to gene pool their resources resulting in the creature you see here, the voracious "Sea Devil". People are being warned by the Dept of Genetic Engineering Exceptions (DoGEE) not to approach these animals, especially when they are feeding.

The Bats Bigfoot


 Here's a snap taken accidently when I was fiddling with my new camera. Although my wife was driving she swears that she saw nothing at the time. At first I thought it was just one of those accidental piccys and waste of a frame, but on closer inspection I was amazed to see what appears to be BIGFOOT crossing the road in West Street. I was so surprised and shocked when I saw it, after all there is a pedestrian crossing up by the town hall and one outside the Post Office!  From Bridport Radio member The Bat

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#1 scotcats 07-06-2006 21:54
I see some beast honked up curry and chips all over the pavement outside the Rope Makers.
#2 Rosieo6 19-05-2007 15:54
I think I may have been a goat in a previous life as my whole life seems to run in ever decreasing circles!(don\'t think it a good idea to keep goats indoors as not good for the furniture!)
#3 The Man with the Badge 26-10-2007 11:02
I thought I\'d noticed a flock of beasts outside of a number of premises last week whilst driving through the town, all very loud with smoke billowing from their mouths and nostrils. It wasn\'t until I got closer that it turned out to be a group of disgusting smokers spilling out from the local drinking establishments in order to suck copious amounts of nicotine into their systems. It also caused a number of people walking past to step into the road due to the intimidating behaviour of this gathering.
#4 RE: Beasts of BridportHorst of cause 12-02-2011 12:24
Don't worry, it is my pet. He been away a few days. Next time you spot him feed him with Bananas and half a pint of cider. Won't bite you if you call him little Adolf.
#5 RE: Beasts of BridportMr Otterbadger 04-09-2011 19:37
I am happy to inform you that I have discovered the identity of the character in the final picture. Its called "Chimp" and can be found loitering inside RKL tools most days hence its apparent rarity.

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