colmers-ajmerIt's no surprise, the popularity of our very own Colmers Hill could not go unnoticed throughout the world, a firm of Indian architects have built a full size replica of Dorset's most iconic mound in  Ajmer,  a city in Ajmer District in India's Rajasthan state. 

The amazing feat of human ingenuity took a mere six weeks to complete and over 30,00 moundwallas were drafted in to complete the ginormous landmark.

The Indian firm of arcitects responsible were Patel and Patel whose other work includes the "Baji Mahal" (a restaurant and replica of the Taj Mahal) and "The Pickle" which is based on our very own "The Gherkin" in Londonville.

Our intrepid reporter Denzil McTikka-Masala asked Mr Patel how he knew about Colmers Hill?

Denzil: "Mr Patel, how do you know about Colmers Hill?"

Mr Patel: "Well I was visiting Bridport and remember leaving a very well known Indian restaurant in East St, as I looked over to the west I was knocked over by the beautiful view of the hill, it appeared to rise up from the end of the High St like a lusty lady lying down and she called out to me, like the scene in Close Encounters where the guy is making a hill out of mashed potatoes...awe inspiring, we took measurements and here we are today, Colmerstan Hill. Thank you"

Denzil: "You need to plant some pine trees on top"

Mr Patel "One day at a time please"

Denzil "Sorry"

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This is Denzil McBalti-Nan for Bridport Radio News, Neh.


#1 Our very owngoccibos 14-01-2011 14:22
On a visit to Nice last year I was gob-smacked how the Promenade des Anglais resembles our very own down the bay, follow the link and see for yourself.

Caveat; I had drunk 2 bottles of local Rose which helps with the light effects!

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