Great news readers, Bucky Doo is about to undergo a huge redevelopment, entries are invited by the Town Council for any ideas/suggestions for improvements that could be made at the expense of local businesses, all the entries will be scrutinised by a panel of experts and a prize of a large cappucino skinny larty expression has been given by Starbucks who honestly have no interest in muscling in on any small family run cafe in the area, although they suggested painting the square green and white.

Although not technically a square, more trianglyoblong Bucky Doo has great potential, established a long time ago, Bucky Doo has captured the minds of many men leaving Spoonies.A 2029 Olympic venue has been suggested, small bore pistol event or trampolining. A local builder has taken an option on some affordable homes with the backing of local M.P. J.Backanders. What would you like to see in Bucky Doo? One lucky contributor may see their suggestion come to fruition! Lets be having your suggestions and get Bucky Doo Bo.
You might win a Mikkimug, although I am not sure of our stock situation....


#1 RE: BUCKY DOO REVAMPWhoHe 02-10-2006 23:19
Lets build a \'Gigantic Hot Tub\' and to heat it we can drill down to the Earth\'s core and use them thermal energy thingy\'s. You never know when we drill down into the earth we may find some SOAP. Then we can use all that spare rope in Bridders and corner the market on Wednesday and Saturday with Soap on a Rope.
#2 RE: BUCKY DOO REVAMPThe Bat 02-10-2006 23:20
I reckon Bucky Doo should be the entrance to a massive underground carpark with underground link road to the channel tunnel. Border guards should be strategically placed in the belltower of the town hall with search lights and snipers.

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