Nocturnal execution of thousands of kangaroos at the Bridport euro abbattoir. I have been awakened every morning at around 4.00 am by rough voices and revving engines and slamming doors. One morning last week I decided to investigate which unfortunate anmal was being delivered to its fate at such an ungodly hour. I leapt from my bed - actually I crawled groaning from my bed, but this was before the teeth, groin accidents, and went slowly down the stairs then I was in the street, directly next to live animal lorry.

I stared through the slats to be met by the quivering expression, brown eyes and long lashes of an animal staring back -its face terror struck! It was a young kangaroo. I quickly went to remonstrate with the driver to pont out that this was an abbattoir not a zoo! His reply - "Get lost you loser - you'll be eating joey next week, or wearing him as shoes," then he drove on, his lorry narrowly missing my feet, clad only in slippers and odour eaters!

I have observed this vile trade for some nights - even the local prostitutes and rug dealers seem to dissappear for a while when these lorries of jumping death appear, and the moon covers its face with clouds as though ashamed. I have to speak out - but how? Any hints much appreciated!

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#1 RE: JUMPING DEATHbogbeast 16-10-2006 20:47
i thought i saw skippy once going through town ... but then my mates told me they slipped me a mickey fin between my pints of stella
#2 RE: HOME IMPROVEMENTSThe Bat 20-10-2006 00:49
The truth is a rare and beautiful thing... mind you a lynch mob can be fun too... \""""Hang the honest bloke!\"""" Who\'s is the Hair House? Can someone let me know?
#3 RE: JUMPING DEATHandy head 21-10-2006 15:48
Lovely meat on a kangaroo, especially roast and served with blackcurrant jelly.

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