dorset_tubeI was born and raised in Dorset, but now live in London.

One evening, during a particularly slow journey home on the Victoria line I wondered how big the Underground was, and therefore how big Greater London was. I couldn't picture in my head the sort of an area it covered. I needed a familiar comparison to be able to visualise it.

This led me to do a bit of tinkering on Google Earth, overlaying London and Dorset. The result was the observation that the true scale of the London Underground would fit nicely inside the county boundaries.

Further and more time-consuming tinkering led to The Dorset Underground.

Check the not entirely accidental positioning of Cerne Abbas on that particular configuration of lines.

So if you need to know how to travel between Monkton Wyld and Sixpenny Handley or Lytchett Matravers and Ryme Intrinseca on a hypothetical transport network you'll need a copy of this.

Buy a Dorset Tube Map

You can see a larger image and buy your own Dorset Underground map at

10% of all proceeds goes to the Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance.

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#1 Nice workAndy Hix 01-05-2012 13:17
Very impressive. I'd like to order one.
#2 Coming soonEditor 01-05-2012 13:43
We are on the case, they will be available soon - watch this space.
#3 Charlie it's brilliantchickenboy 01-05-2012 15:46
I'd buy a few. My only constructive criticism would be the 'Dorset underground' logo - I think this could be stronger, maybe incorporate the flag. Brilliant all the same though.
#4 RE: Dorset UndergroundSt. Huge le Vast 01-05-2012 17:38
As an ex-London boy now permanently resident in Bridport I feel I ought to be able to come with the opposite - but I can't, Charlie this is genius, pure genius.
#5 PilsdonThe Dorset Knob 01-05-2012 20:52
Beautifully done.

I feel mean pointing out it is Pilsdon not Pilsden.
#6 TynehamBecky Stares 01-05-2012 22:11
The fact that Tyneham is crossed out moves this from 'brilliant' to 'sheer genius'! Love it. I want one on my wall.
#7 RE: Dorset UndergroundCharlie Slade 02-05-2012 18:58
Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone. Chickenboy - I have a version of the logo which features the Dorset flag but wasn't sure about it. Maybe I'll have another look at it. The Dorset Knob - well done for spotting the typo, I'll rectify that. And to think, Pilsdon was my Form at Beaminster school! Can't believe I missed that.
#8 A delight!Ford 04-05-2012 09:39
Thank you! but please don't use the feeble flag invented recently - the gold one with the white cross bordered with red.
I don't wish to sound churlish but it would be a shame to dumb-down your splendid, inspired map.
#9 mrDave Hann 04-05-2012 19:28
Its a shame that Moreton was missed out on the Purbeck line, especially as it has a main line station already.
#10 You Sir are a star!Walter 15-05-2012 17:33
Utterly, utterly brilliant. Will definitely be buying this - and it would seem my Christmas present list for Dorset residents is now sorted! Thank you for your fantastic work on this!
#11 RE: Dorset UndergroundAlison 12-07-2012 14:44
I can guess how much work this took. Inspired!

Will keep an eye out for news of the print run.
#12 Merchandisemrplanet 15-08-2012 13:44
When can we expect Tea mugs, T-Shirts and other goodies.
#13 Still waitingEditor 16-08-2012 16:49
I will gee up Charlie
#14 Great newsFord 16-08-2012 16:59
I will soon need to think about Christmas presents for ex-pats down under. What better present than T shirts!
#15 Charlie saysEditor 16-08-2012 17:19
"TfL are pretty strict and hot on any unauthorised usage. In its current design, I think it probably still resembles the London map too closely to sell as is"
He will look at amending it so that he is not sued by TFL this weekend
#16 RE: Dorset UndergroundKris Dutson 25-11-2015 20:35
Nice to see my village Compton Valence on there. :)
#17 MrsNico 26-11-2015 15:20
Lovely, lovely that you're selling it, but fascinated to know exactly when the villages of Langton Matavers and Worth Matravers switched geographical location with each other?! Just driven up and checked, and nope, they seem to be in their correct locations, which means you'll need to alter your map to reflect where the villages actually are! Sorry!!
#18 RE: Dorset UndergroundGrockle 26-11-2015 19:14
Great work!

Wyke Regis is more South than Weymouth though.
#19 Mornington Crescentdavidsa 26-11-2015 20:45
Brilliant, Charlie!

Which Dorset station corresponds to Mornington Crescent, do you think?

Have you sent it to the "Clue" team?

#20 MasterDoris 27-11-2015 14:06
Where's Winterborne Stickland? It's a travesty it's not included.

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