giantsAmateur archaeologist finds female giant. Amateur archaeologist Vins Lyaterday believes he has found the site of "Bridport Woman" a figure similar to the Cerne Giant carved into a hillside near Bridport. Vins, a Norwegian who moved to Dorset a few years ago was intrigued by lumps and bumps in a field hidden inside a large private estate near where he lived. Mr Lyaterday said:

"The features appeared to have been manmade and so I thought I would do some research; I found some old maps in Bridport Local History Centre that call the area "Colwene Dun" which loosely translates from Old English as "Queens Hill". I approached the land owner to ask if I could dig some exploratory test pits, after that we got permission to do a geophysical survey using ground penetrating radar and geomagnetic imaging and as you can see the results are astounding"

Astounding geophysical survey results


Although shorter in stature the figure's outline is very similar to the Cerne Abbas Giant (although without some of the expected exaggerated features) and it has been suggested that these prehistoric sites are in some way linked.

The survey shows that the figure is carrying objects in her hands, which may have been added in the past, possibly a cross and a circular disc but Vins has no idea of their relevance at this time.

The discovery of a previously unknown hill drawing in West Dorset will no doubt create a great amount of interest, but Vins is keeping the location of the site a secret until he has discussed it with the present land owners and English Heritage who have voiced concerns that an influx of visitors will create parking difficulties and traffic congestion in a village just to the East of Bridport.

Mr Lyaterday added

"One interesting addition to this is that an old text on links between old sites had suggested that by joining high points in the areas and ancient prehistoric sites between the Bridport Woman and Cerne Abbas Giant suggest to some an imaginary drawing of the union of the two figures, almost ancient joining the dots picture making, now that would be an fun exercise".


#1 mrmartino de lambito 24-05-2013 13:15
shes a looker,seen her in number 10
#2 Bridport WomanVins Lyaterday 28-05-2013 17:12
Am talking with owners to see if site can be revealed in time to be a backdrop in an episode of series 2 Broadchuch - anyone anyone any fun yet with joining the dots and picture making, a useful thing to do after a few beers in number 10 or the West Dorset Club
#3 MsDilys Guildford 30-05-2013 11:39
Wishing you every success, good luck joining up the dots, wish I was there...received this very exciting news from my dear friend Roma Harding Kind regards to you and helpers, would love to hear further information. Many thanks. Dilys xxx
#4 Zodiac Landscape for Bridport womanCarl Philips 31-05-2013 18:29
Carl Phillips from Wilmuth Farm, Grovers Mill, New Jersey : Amazing news! A chalk hill figure, the goddess queen/bride in the Dorset UK landscape near Bridport - Counterpart of Cerne/Cernunos green man giant at Cerne Abbas, depicted in Peter Knight's new book. Possibly carrying the sun disc, this white lady giantess must surely represent Sophia. The only known female chalk hill figure in Britain manifests the wisdom of the divine feminine. The other three are masculine: Cerne Giant, Long Man of Wilmington, Uffington White Horse.

This giantess heralds Christ consciousness embodied in the Gabriel placenames! The landscape zodiac region of the Bride Valley (rivers Brit and Bride) represents Pisces/Aquarius, the centre of a landscape temple being the place of the Durotriges tribe at Maiden Castle, Dorchester - the largest henge in Europe. It is no accident that she has been discovered in the age of Aquarius - by a Norwegian, from whom the gods of the north speak to our ancient landscape of Albion. Along the sacred marriage line are placenames including Bellstone and Winford Eagle. More awaits ... when the instigators of this remarkable project are ready to create Her!
#5 Ancient and ModernAvia 03-06-2013 07:46
When is a hoax not a hoax - when it is done with positivity and consciously, with an understanding of its implications and symbolic meaning (but not if it was done to deceive) There is nothing wrong in my view to add Land-Art to a complex of Land-Art that spans millenia. The Cerne Giant has no known birth-date but is known to have been re-designed over the ages. The symbols in the sky and on the Earth have spoken to each other since life began and so we can be justified to add our contributions and acknowledgement, I feel. Perhaps the artist could have left a date mark? Bravo Bride! Let's celebrate the Sacred Marriage...

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