Locals are outraged to find local landmark Colmers' Hill desecrated. The iconic trees atop the beauty spot have been felled by the M.O.D. to allow "Clear line of site for aircraft manoeuvres".


The Landowner Phillip Colfox said in a statement "It is a great tragedy, but a compulsory purchase was made by the MOD on the land and we therefore had no say in this vandalism."

Local resident's outcry came too late as military contractors moved on to the hill early this morning to clear the hilltop.

A military Chinook helicopter can be seen in the lower left carrying away one of the last of the trees.


#1 RE: Outrage as MOD Vandalise Local Beauty Spothollie 02-04-2014 22:12
This is an absolute disgrace!
#2 MsSylvia Weston 19-06-2014 18:36
Vandalism of Colmers Hill
I couldn't believe what I was reading, saw the date was 1st April and hoped in vain that the article was a sick practical joke.
How could the MOD carry out such wanton destruction? So sad that I was close to tears.

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