Paul Tansey writes: I'm launching the "Dorset better off without the UK movement". It's called Exit Dor.


Join me brothers and sisters.

We don't need to look any further than the borders of this great county. Imagine what we'd be able to do without all those taxes we pay to the UK government. We'll police our own borders and make our own laws. There's no way we'll let laws made by those nutters in London govern what happens here. There's no good reason why our companies should play by the same laws as businesses in Somerset or Northamptonshire. We don't need the freedom of movement to those other counties and we don't want to let them move here either unless there's a points scoring system of some kind. Have you seen how many people come here to retire? It's outrageous. The net immigration figure between some counties and Dorset is scandalous.


I'm Dorset and I'm proud.

Let's free this great county and stand alone and proud in the UK. We don't need broad trading agreements with the other counties either, we'll just pay a tariff and they'll let us trade with them from outside the UK. They'll make all the rules but I'm sure we'll be fine because we'll set up our own trading agreements with New Zealand and China.

Stolen from Paul Tansey with Campaign idea provided by Jo Siewruk.

In or out? Comment below.


#1 I voted remain...butgoccibos 06-07-2016 19:13
If we can return Dorset to its pre 1974 boundaries and banish Bournemouth and Christchurch, I'm out out... cider me up!
#2 BorderlineEditor 07-07-2016 09:48

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