kioskMrs Margaret Miggins' ice cream kiosk is up for rent.

The kiosk that stands on West Bay esplanade has been there since time immemorial withstanding the battering of the elements and standing the strongest of storms, with Margaret and John serving sustenance to all weary travellers.


Do You Want a Flake in That?

The history of Mrs Miggins' goes back eons with the first documented evidence occuring in the Late Jurassic period when the Jurassic Coast was just a baby.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Early man soon found that Margaret's ice cream and cups of tea an essential part of evolution giving rise to some of our most successful ancestors such as Mr Whippy (Homo Twisticus).


Later civilizations would also follow with their own pilgrimages to this icon of reinforced concrete.


Well this beacon of civilisation is now available for you, a mere mortal to rent, check out Holloways Estate Agents in South Street for more information. 

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