Yes at last the mystery has finally been solved...

Back in June 2007 workmen working at the back of a vacant property known as "Custard Cottage" in Morcombelake where excavating the old gardens and demolishing a small wall thought for many years to be a shed or outside privy wall, well they had a shock when they broke through and found a cave entrance!


The three workmen carried on with their work until lunchtime and then decided to try and look into the hole, there phone torch was not strong enough so after a while they found a couple of good torches in their  van.

After clearing loose rubble and stones from around the entrance they used some scaffold boards to shore it up a little and two of them ventured in. It was evident that this single passage had been used long in the past as black broken glass bottle fragments and what looked like decomposed wood lay about the floor. The air was stale but because of their actions this was clearing with a slight draft blowing into their face?

After a few steps the floor was dropping away quite steeply and in no time they were quite deep into the hillside and no further passages were evident so they believed it would be safe to venture further.

Their curiosity paid off because after a few long minutes they entered a huge opening and saw an auditorium size cave and what's more the floor of it was it was full of water. What they had found was  Morcombe LAKE!

The owners of the property and the authorities were informed and after a full detailed study held in secret it is believed to be an old smugglers route with the old sea entrance long since lost by landslides. The entrance has now been sealed up for safety reasons, but pictures were taken and a full archaeological case study report will be published in the future.

A spokesman for the householders has asked that people stay away as there is no right of way into their garden.

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