To know and understand each other betterer ...that is the original idea behind the Town-twinning movement, which was born in Europe shortly after the Second World War. Nowadays Twinning brings together municipalities throughout Europe, linking them in a dense network of citizens whether they like it or not.

Hot and Sticky
Hydra, nice.Lets get Bridders twinned up with somewhere really hot and sticky. Since the Greeks inclusion into the E.U. why don’t we get ourselves twinned with one of those glorious Greek Islands, Hydra, Ios or Santorini, Faxus with your suggestions.

Why guess how bad the weather will be, you can guarantee great conditions in Greeceland and get cheap flights out of Exeterer Airport for 9p return and €250 metaxes.

Cheeky Sherborne….
Those cheeky wellheeled chaps over in Sherborne are twinned in a Douzelage (The name Douzelage is a combination of the French words "douze" for twelve and "jumelage" for twinning ) with 12 European Towns, they have the pick of destinations for their hols and go they do.

Fully Twinned Up and Euro cash available to do it…
An EU supported twinning scheme was established in 1989 following an initiative by the European Parliament. It has been well received by towns and municipalities in Europe. In 2006 the Commission received more than 2450 grant applications.

Each year the European Commission awards the "Golden Stars of Town-twinning" to 10 outstanding projects that have contributed successfully to European integration.

Lyme Regis Gets it Right
Those posh residents of Lyme Regis have pulled off the coup-de-grasstrack in getting Twinned up with St Georges in sunny Bermuda.

St Georges Bermuda

We are twinned with St Vaast la Hougue in Normandy, which sadly has a similar climate to our own.

St Vaast la Hougue

Other Dorset towns and their Twinnings.
Blandford – Preetz, Germany
Bournemouth – Lucerne, Switzerland; Netanya, Israel
Christchurch – Aalen, Germany; Christchurch, New Zealand; Saint-Ghislain, Belgium; Tatabánya, Hungary
Dorchester – Holbæk, Denmark; Lubbecke, Germany
Poole – Cherbourg, France
Shaftesbury – Lindlar, Germany

Sherborne – Altea, Spain; Bellagio, Italy; Bundoran, Republic of Ireland; Chojna, Poland; Holstebro, Denmark; Houffalize, Belgium; Judenburg, Austria; Karkkila, Finland; Kötzting, Germany; Meerssen, Netherlands; Niederanven, Luxembourg; Oxelösund, Sweden; Preveza, Greece; San Gimignano, Italy; Sesimbra, Portugal

Swanage – Rudesheim, Germany
Verwood – Liederbach am Taunus, Germany
Wareham – Hemsbach, Germany
Weymouth – Holzwickede, Germany
Wimborne Minster – Ochsenfurt, Germany; Valognes, France

Come on Bridport Townsfolks….
Lets get this party started, where would you like to be twinned with and why, join the debate, get some sun on yer back and start living. Remember to scan the local airports for the easiest transfers, I know you can get to Barcelona from Bournemouth (I am in April, 18p return with Ryanair - nice) I am putting my money on Hydra.

Are you clever enough to engage in the application process, are you willing to get involved? Leave a comment below.

Another groundbreaking scoop from…
Scoop Doggy Style, wet and miserable, Bridport, Dorset.

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#1 Denzlepob_at_work 07-03-2007 14:23
I was recently on an easyjet flight, and I reckon their leg room is absolutely Criminal! With my arse as far back in the seat as possible I still wasn\'t able to sit without my knees squished into the chair infront. I had to spread my legs to fit in my chair, which obvisoulsy puts my knees into the personal space of the passengers either side of me, and obstructs the lowering of the table, so that it doesn\'t fully lower all the way. I came to the conclusion that if the airlines are getting away with this illegal amount of leg room just so they can cram in more passengers, then shorter passengers should be charged extra. Tax those short-arsed degenerates for every millimeter of legroom they get! You know all short people should wear numbers...not just jockeys. Gits.
#2 Jagl 15-03-2007 06:25
Having a bloody good xmas i think.
#3 Somerset Exile 03-05-2007 17:16
How about twinning with Monte Carlo? Can\'t afford to buy a b****y house there either! And don\'t forget that Slymes link with Bermuda goes back to their slave trading days. They keep that quiet!!
#4 Rosieo6 05-05-2007 11:03
Can\'t we just start a Rumour that somewhere else is much better then wait for the mass exodus and the downfall/falldown of house prices THEN the havenots could have loads!(plague pestilence?anyone of a joblot of frogs?)

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