Dick TurpinIn 1997 the council tax bill for a Band C property in Bridport was £618.00 now 10 years later the bill as doubled to £1264.37 an increase of OVER 100%

Has anyone who been in the same job for the last 10 years and had an increase in pay by 100%?
- I doubt it.

Have the services provided by our local authority improved by 100%? - I don’t think so.

So what the hell are they doing with our money?


#1 dizza 15-03-2007 17:57
Bridport should be twinned with Notting Hill OBVIOUSLY!
#2 The Bat 16-03-2007 06:56
Holidays in Bermuda
#3 draino 16-03-2007 09:33
-Making papier mache Carnival floats out of $50 notes for Notting Hill. -Trying to stop their website being hacked - oops too late. ... we all know it\'s fat cats lining there pockets/ b
#4 Carlito 16-03-2007 10:56
What they are doing with our money: 1. Building crazy traffic calming schemes. 2. Putting up \""""Pick up your dog\'s poo\"""" signs in Happy-**cking-Island. 3. Erecting pelican crossings with a revolutionary new technology which means that unless you\'re a midget or a cripple you don\'t notice the \""""green man\"""" appear. 4. Cutting the grass on the millenium green. 5. Cutting lazy council house dwellers\' grass for them - cos they can\'t get off their arses and cut the grass themselves, let alone get a job. 6. Following an employment ethic where you have someone employed to fill the kettle with water, someone employed to boil it, someone employed to put a tea bag in the cup, someone employed to pour the boiling water, someone employed to ensure that the pouring of the water is being done within the Health and Safety Guidlines, someone employed to spot check the person employed to ensure that the water is being poured safely, someone employed to ensure that the correct amount of sugar that doesn\'t exceed the World Health Organisation\'s recommended amount per 250ml of tea, is being added with the use of a dry teaspoon. etc. etc. etc. etc. you get the picture. 7. Keeping old people alive. 8. Wasting educational resources on time-wasters and chavs. 9. Paying free-loading lazy part-timers (teachers). 10. Collecting half of your rubbish and refusing to collect some of it because it\'s in carrier bags rather than wasteful bin liners. Refusing to collect paper and card because some theiving Gypo neighbour has stolen your green bag, and spreading half of the waste accross the road. 11. Paying a road cleaner to clean up after aforementioned bin men. ...can someone else carry on from number 12?
#5 chesilbank 16-03-2007 22:13
i\'m afraid it\'s the british way to just \""""bend over and take it\"""" the french would\'nt put up with it neither would the american\'s, i\'ve always thought that if we got enough people to just send back their car tax for a refund what would they do ? they can\'t lock us all up, surely it would send a message to the power\'s that be that we won\'t put up with tax rises any more, are you with me ?????
#6 dizza 17-03-2007 08:36
12. collecting refuse when they feel like it, (still in black bags).
#7 Denzlepob_at_work 17-03-2007 17:05
I\'m with chesilbank, I know so many hard working families who are totally skint, they are robbing us 24/7. They know how much Mr and Mrs Smith have at the end of the week and find ways to nick it off \'em. Cameras everywhere......... Cameras everywhere.
#8 Dog Poo signs ineffectivejakebirkett 17-03-2007 18:20
If only the dog poo signs were more effective! Well maybe if they were removed totally I\'d find out how useful they REALLY are if I was like quagmired up to my knees in poop.
#9 council taxRosieo6 17-03-2007 18:21
When I read that council tax was going over £1000 mark I thought I was getting a Rebate! (because I paid over that last year)I have paid mine every year for last five, albeit with a hiccup in two of the months owing to circumstances but I still get threated with court.If I didnt pay at all then I\'d probably get off scot free.I have no mains water or sewage or streetlights and my family allowance(which is used to pay)is £2 less than tax per month or it was last year.When are normal people gonna have a fit about their human rights?
#10 Rosieo6 17-03-2007 18:27
\'Lead on Mcduff\'(chesilbank)\'they won\'t like it up \'em!\'.Mind you some of the older generation have tried not paying some and \'a mystery benefactor\' has paid it off.Perhaps it the relevant council so that oldie is not made a martyr?
#11 ASK OLLIE?dragon 17-03-2007 19:09
We have an elected member of parliament,goes by the name of Oliver Letwin, always glad of a bit of personal exposure, so, why dont we have an \""""ASK OLLIE\"""" column and get him to explain the reasons why the world is the way it is around here? Put it to the vote and maybe get in touch with said MP and ask him? just an idea, cheers, dragon
#12 \'\'Ask Ollie\'\'Rosieo6 18-03-2007 12:24
Good speech dragon.How about it?When.
#13 \""""lead on Mcduff\""""chesilbank 18-03-2007 21:29
Hi Rosieo6, with remarks like that your exactly the type of person that moans about stuff and does nothing, i\'d be happy to get the forms from the post office and help you and anyone else to fill them in. Bring on the revolution !
#14 FormsRosieo6 22-03-2007 11:03
You give me the forms and I\'ll fill them in and sign them chesil.I may moan and not do anything but that is because I didn\'t even Know there was a form.Have tried to get a council tax rebate but ended up so confused I gave up.The little people are being kept down because they don\'t know HOW to do anything about it.Perhaps you could show us the way?:)
#15 Chief Wigam 26-03-2007 11:54
Many years ago I phoned a nice woman at the council to enquire why my council tax was larger than a friend who has a tribe of children and a fleet of cars in a nice house in the country. After a long debate about different councils charging different amounts the young lady deceided to explain all the benifits I received for my vast sum. Schools I dont have kids Library Not a member Street lights Not outside my house Street cleaning Are you joking Adult learning While I\'m at work And so it went on.................. Turns out I was paying to have my bin emptyed once a week. \'but you must think of the benifits it provides for others in the comunity Chief Wigam\' the lady said Bah Humbug Still, best not complain, we are British you know
#16 Rosieo6 03-04-2007 12:58
If anyone is interested,you can apply to have your home rebanded.It tells you all about it and what to do on www.moneysavingexpert.com/tips.It a good site for all sorts of savings etc.
#17 goccibos 24-04-2007 22:07
paying for me to sit in my council office and write pointless bits on this fantastic web site, joking honest, it is lunch hour (or 2)! all Thatchers fault; introduced poll tax, sold off housing stock, got rid of miners, privatised all our good companies, destroyed workers rights....
#18 curtiss 16-05-2007 05:08
Has anyone considered how much of Council Tax revenues goes towards their cosy pensions? Someone told me it was a staggering sum, something over 30% And by the way has anyone tried to contact an important member of the DCC/WDCC council at 4pm on a Friday afternoon in Dorchester - sorry that was my little joke
#19 Chief Wigam 17-05-2007 09:43
Yet again the sea gull\'s have been at the bin bags. Is it not possible that some of our vast council tax could be used to provide some kind of wheelie bins which would help reduce the sea gull menace at the same time ???. Most places did away with bin bags a long time ago. I\'m all for preserving tradition, but I dont think this needs to include bin bags.
#20 Chief Wigam 17-05-2007 09:46
P.S. Yes, I have tried to contact DCC/WDDC at Dorchester at 4pm. If you want to speak to anyone with any authority, you are out of luck.
#21 Morning Loves It 17-05-2007 15:28
I want a Wheelie Bin. An ordinary dustbin is too heavy to carry down my garden path and now I\'ve lost my lid in the wind. Black bin bags are horrid.
#22 Carlito 18-05-2007 09:04
Obviously the Council should fund these, but should Hell not freeze over, Bartletts do a good deal on Wheelie Bins. I got mine from there. ...changed my life!

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