So what's in a name? The name Bucky Doo can be traced to "Bocardo" a name given by medieval logicians to a categorical syllogism whose standard form has the mood and figure designated as OAO-3. Which is applied to a prison because just as a Bocardo syllogism always ended up in a final negative, so did a compulsory visit to the Bocardo lock-up generally mean a closer aquaintance with 'the Bridport dagger' and a final negative to the drama of life.
I am still no wiser - Ed

Dear Ed., re: Bucky Doo.

Another thought as to how Bucky Doo became just that is that there was (hundreds of years ago before our present Town Hall was built) a public house on the site called "The Buck and Doe". Hope this might help your 'confusion'.

Made up for a laugh...
If I really cast my mind back, I can remember most people referring to Bucky Doo Square simply as "The Square". The name "Bucky Doo" was revived following the installment of that Carl Dixon masterpeice (which actually features a profile of my sis!). Anyway, isn't there a chance that this name wasn't 'revived' and was actually just 'made up for a laugh'? It does seem odd that the town can be filled with people that have lived here for many generations stretching back hundreds of years, and yet there are still no documented facts concerning the origins of the name "Bucky Doo" nor, infact the origins of the annual Torch Light Procession. Most odd indeed! Perhaps the annual procession was invented by the Woodman as a way of increasing revenue back in the late 1970's?

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#1 """"Duck"""" its Poorustic 07-04-2006 10:48
The name Bucky Doo came about in the victorian age when there was a problem with Seagulls during the spring months of every year. Tourists, from as far afield as Crewekerne, and locals were constantly getting crapped on. When they were having a promenade in the town square, (known in those days as """"the square"""") if someone spotted an incoming gull the cry would go up, """"DUCK IT'S POOO"""" and the name with the help of the chinese whispers of time became what it is today.
#2 Bucky Doosprockley 07-04-2006 15:22
I thought the name Buckydoo originated from the old Bridport industry of leather tanning, hence The Tanyards, just off South Street. Isn't Buckydoo the place where they used to skin the animals before tanning the hide(or)leather? Any comments welcome, maybe someone was winding me up?
#3 draino 07-04-2006 16:40
I think the two previous comments are connected as dogs poo was used in tanning hides, a passing person may have commented """"What's that smell? ...Duck it's pooh"""" ...maybe duck is a typo though...
#4 The Bat 07-04-2006 18:34
Actually the name Buckey Doo is a corruption of the very popular 17th Century game involving a small model of a donkey and a couple of magnets stuck in to its back hooves. Children would spend hours of happy wonderment placing little wooden carvings of picks, shovels, and ropes onto a small leather saddle. When the model was overloaded the little donkey would cast of the items thereby indicating who was the loser of the game. I have this on very good authority from one of the town councillors who is also an amateur historian and has secret access to all the town's archives, (including the plans during world war 2 to kidnap Winston Churchill and replace him with PC Cummings).
#5 Bucky DooThe Bat 08-04-2006 09:31
Re the origins of the Annual Torch Light Procession. There used to be a small castle on East Cliff which was stormed by angry villagers carrying torches and pitchforks. They started their angry jounrney from the Bucky Doo area.
#6 tinymind 26-04-2006 12:27
Before proper toilets were installed there was just a """"Bucket Loo""""
#7 RE: BUCKY DOOThe Bat 26-08-2006 12:54
By the way, what's the 'Bridport Dagger'??
#8 RE: BUCKY DOOdraino 27-08-2006 11:09
The """"Bridport Dagger"""" is akin to the """"Hemport Axe""""
#9 RE: BUCKY DOOdoug the hat 01-09-2006 09:19
bucket of poo?
#10 bernie 02-04-2009 13:09
Bouquet Doux...? Seems that this thread has been running a long while before I discovered it - however here's my four penn'orth.... I sugest that the phrase is an English corruption of the French phrase ""Bouquet Doux"" - a sweet smell - but used in an ironic way to mean the exact opposite. This would certainly fit well with an area that was close to a tannery (or indeed a seagull latrine!) BJ
#11 Beer 10-04-2009 17:52
Bucky Doo Square The history of Bucky Doo or Buckydoo is uncertain. Bucky Doo is the passage beneath the Town Hall linking South Street to East Street, while Bucky Doo Square is the area behind the Town Hall in South Street. In the past, South Street had accommodated numerous licensed premises, one such establishment in 1636 evidently being the 'Buck and Doe'. Another theory is that the name is linked to a prison or 'lock-up' that may have once occupied the site during the 13th Century. In its earlier years, the 18th Century Town Hall was used to hold Petty Sessions (Magistrates' Court). The upper story was a court for borough sessions, together with a room for the grand jury and also a council chamber. Underneath was a small lock-up for prisoners and a general market for butchers. Some believe that the term comes from the medieval word 'Bocardo', the name considered to have been derived from a term for a syllogism (an argument/to reason), thus an awkward trap from which to escape. In 1391 there was a Bocardo prison in Oxford. At around that time there had also apparently been an outpost of the Oxford University in Bridport. This theory is further strengthened by the fact that a number of scholars fled from Oxford in 1238 when the Papal Legate's brother was killed in a brawl, some escaping to Bridport. It is also suggested that the name Bocardo is derived from Boccard or Boggard, meaning a 'Privy' (slang), the current position of the public toilets.
#12 andy head 22-07-2009 01:15
It's been far too long since I sat down with a bottle of red wine and wandered the verdant nooks and crannies of Bridport Radio. Well done you all and especially our esteemed editor. Good work, carry on. x a

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