A rare first edition of the Bible has been found in a charity shop in West Street, Bridport. An eagle eyed Clergyman bought the book with the collected works of James Herriot.

The Clergyman who has a penchant for antiquarian books was passing through Bridport on his way to his holiday destination in Devon when he noticed the abundance of charity shops in West Street.  The Right Reverend Bruce Stanhope of the Archdiocese of Melling who wishes to remain anonymous decided to park his car in the bus stop outside Snooks and investigate.

Reverend Stanhope said, “I was flicking through a copy of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo that had a particularly well preserved flysheet when my attention was drawn to the first edition bible by a shaft of heavenly light piercing the dust motes above the periodicals which was accompanied by a wave of angelic choristers.”

Realising the fact that he had inadvertently stumbled upon a priceless piece of theological history the Reverend purchased the artifact for 50 pence. Radiocarbon dating has verified the artifact as original. However this has caused consternation amongst theologians as an additional page at the end of the Bible states:

“The events and characters depicted in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental."



#1 goccibos 10-09-2007 13:18
I think every bible should contain this caveat and be placed in the Fiction sections of book shops. Now where did I put my little red book?....
#2 The Bat 10-09-2007 17:38
This doesn\'t surprise me in the least. Only last week I bought a copy of the Koran hand written by Mohammed himself in that little second hand shop in East Street. And the week before that I noticed the two original stone tablets on which were inscribed the ten commandments propping up an old bamboo umbrella stand in the RSPCA second hand shop in West Street. I know they were the originals because the words \'These stone tablets belong to Moses, if found please return to Moses, care of The Burning Bush, Mount Sinai, Isreal\' was written on the back of each of them. I have also heard that the lost Ark of The Covenant is actually being used as a storage chest in the Town Hall (top of the stairs apparently).
#3 draino 10-09-2007 17:46
I'll tell you what's a good book the sanskrit epic "The Mahabharata" With more than 74,000 verses - about 1.8 million words in total - I've split it into four to prop up my Escort while I change the exhaust.
#4 The Bat 10-09-2007 18:02
We're all going to BURN :(
#5 Rustic 25-09-2007 17:23
I would have thought that the right rogering reverend would have done the right thing and sold the bargain bible and donated the money to the charity shop where he bought it. Mind you that would probably be a little to close to being "christian" for a member of the clergy.
#6 BibleDenzle 26-01-2011 09:37
Bill Bryson is not funny.
#7 RE: BIBLE BARGAINThe Bat 07-07-2011 19:07
I think this thread has become more topical lately.
#8 RE: BIBLE BARGAINgoccibos 15-07-2011 11:58
Quoting The Bat:
I think this thread has become more topical lately.

Anyone seen a good Wiccan spell book?
#9 RE: BIBLE BARGAINVertiworks 20-07-2011 19:10
A rare bindning of 'The Book of Shadows' is used heavily at Magna Offices in town, but I think it’s been loaned out to a Mr R Murdoch & Son....

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