In response to requests on The Best of Bridport Radio we are going to start a thread where you, the illustrious members can tell your comrades a little bit about yourselves, which is just as well because some people think I (Ed) make up all this stuff myself (if only I had the time) or that Carlito really is the alter ego of Bridport Mayor Geoff Ackerman (if that was the case we’d have witch burning at the Leisure Centre).

So I’ll start off (I’m not doing a form to fill in – it’s not bloody Facebook)

  1. About yourself: Kung Fu Web wizard, father, lover, friend, gobshite
  2. Likes about the town/area: It is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.
  3. Dislikes about the town: Inconsiderate people.
  4. Fav music: cowpunkskadub
  5. Fav website (after BR): Today it's 
  6. Other info: I want a sandwich...


#1 The Bat 19-09-2007 18:14
You\'ll never take me alive! tHe bAt
#2 Beancounter 19-09-2007 22:37
Me: bitter and twisted accounts clerk (aren\'t we all?), late 20s, grew up \'round yer but then moved about a bit... and came back, obviously. Likes about Bridport: It isn\'t a city. Has a unique quirkiness. Has the audacity to market a cliff with a silly name based on the success of Jurassic Park - and it worked. Down to earth not-too-pretentious people (let\'s keep it that way please). Dislikes: It isn\'t a city. Grockles. The price of houses and rent. Dithering idiots in cars/supermarkets/on pavements. Mostly the only things happening are farmer or old people or religion things (I\'m annoyed at missing Inside Out last w/e). Music: indie/rock/alt, 90s stuff, a bit of electronica if it has a discernible tune. Websites: (tracks MP3s you play on yer PC),, Other: I need to get out more, any recommendations?
#3 goccibos 20-09-2007 08:41
Well since it was my suggestion, here goes: 1. Me; Would be Goth, got lost in the 90\'s, still wears too much black. Father. Chancer 2. Likes; The quiet warmth of the town and East beach on a calm summers evening 3. Hates; chavs and overtly religeous people 4 Music; Goth punk indie 5. Website; BBC news site and (now defunct) 6. Other; wishes my job was more interesting and paid more
#4 Rosieo6 20-09-2007 22:02
1.Me: The sort of person that you all moan about!ie:dithers at tills in supermarket good sense of humour(trouble being only two others have the same)Helpful(you are across the road b4 u knew u wanted t be!)mine of useless information etc.. 2.Likes:Bridport big enough to get away from people but friendly enough to not be lonely. 3.Dislikes:Rude,mouthy people,litter louts,bad manners 4.Music:whatever takes my fancy. 5.fav 6.other:depends what mood i\'m in(more money,different husband,BIG gun...)
#5 Carlito 21-09-2007 13:39
Me: Cynical, immoral but generally a nice chap. Likes: DT6, Dusk, Crispy Winter Mornings, Good Music, Beer. Dislikes: Working, Politics, Organised Religion, Fruit in Savoury Dishes. Music: Everything from Black Metal to Jazz. Fav Website: Other Info: Apply in writing.
#6 Rustic 22-09-2007 12:52
Me, Back on the keyboard, Loudmouthed, Rude, Self Opinionated, Correct most of the time, has the summers off to idle about in grockle clothes, husband and father but not to the same person, enjoys laughing at anything that makes me laugh which is anything. Likes; the views that not many people know about or can find, east beach on a warm September evening when it is full of locals, market days, the traffic wardens, and voluptuous buttocks in tight fitting jeans. Dislikes; religion in all of its ridiculous and unbelievable forms, grown ups who read harry potter books, the new cycle lane next to the new traffic calming outside the new medical center, young people who seem to think it \""""cool and well random like\"""" to try and speak like some Harlem pimp gangsta, people who want to fight when they go out. Music, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, anything that Sly and Robbie have been involved in, and classical music but only if it\'s good enough to make me weep Fav Web Site Other Info, I have heard that pig’s cheese is lovely with banana and garlic pickle
#7 tuzo 22-09-2007 13:13
Me... Not to everyones taste, blunt, mercurial,technologically dense, loyal..that will do about me. Like the wide street, the beautiful doorways, the unclaimed areas, the saxon types. Dislikes the town hall not being properly used,(as a place to welcome) and especially the area under sending weird signals to visitors, meat and lavatories, yikes? Music.. Mozart, Billie Holliday, Leadbelly and many many others. Fave website,dont have faves, since was a child, but like children and animals and Fassbinder movies. Other??? Laughter and plenty of it!!!
#8 1950sparks 22-09-2007 20:51
1. About me: How long have you got ?? or more importantly how long have I got ! 2. Likes about the town/area: It’s proximity to Belgium. 3. Dislikes about the town: Pubs advertising a POOL when they know damn well they haven’t got one; I took my trunks along to one last week and …. Oh! never mind. 4. Fav music: Anything light or middle of the road really; Leonard Cohen, NIN, that sort of thing 5. Fav website (after BR): I‘m not really interested in trains actually. 6. Other info: I think I look pretty good for my age.
#9 mrplanet 23-09-2007 07:59
Who thehellizmee 1) Limping Victor Melrew in training 2) Friendly people and tree lined streets 3)\"""" Living dead2 who wander aimlessly around on market days just getting in the way. 4)Jazz and blues, KT Tunstall Katie Melua. 5) this website, of course! 5)I cost the NHS a fortune in routine maintenance.
#10 Massive Cock Fighter 09-10-2007 19:34
Hummmm... Me..? Hey, hang on a minute that\'s Manchester United on th box getting a damn good thrashing by St Albans... this I Cannot miss....! Yeah can\'t be a*ssed at th minute... no one gives a monkeys anyways.
#11 Astrantiger 27-11-2007 18:07
1. About me: Tells it how it is, if you dont like it - tough. 2. Likes about the town/area: The A35, best escape route 3. Dislikes about the town: Incomers from London - I hate em, (know what I mean Gov?) and too many fat people. 4. Fav music: Led Zepelin, The Who 5. Fav website: Cant say ;) 6. Other info: Would those responsible for the destruction of West Bay please leave the building (including WYATT Earp).

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