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All the news we make up as we go along! What Speakers Corner is to London - Bucky Doo Square is to Bridport Radio.

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So what's in a name? The name Bucky Doo can be traced to "Bocardo" a name given by medieval logicians to a categorical syllogism whose standard form has the mood and figure designated as OAO-3. Which is applied to a prison because just as a Bocardo syllogism always ended up in a final negative, so did a compulsory visit to the Bocardo lock-up generally mean a closer aquaintance with 'the Bridport dagger' and a final negative to the drama of life.
I am still no wiser - Ed

A Long time ago in a web site far far away… Ok it’s just me, Drunkun Jedi from Axeowners Entertainment  Now I am here to bring more excitement and thrill-o-matic debates to open your eyes on a few subjects, with me on the streets getting your views. We’ll have rural hoe’s and compound bows… we’ll have seagull cull views and holiday maker news, not a one sided load of rubbish that makes your eye lids droop… when I’m finished each week your eye lids will be having panic attacks! 
This weeks thrilling instalment... 

Episode one… The Seagull strikes backs

What Police Car?There seems to be an awful lot of people in Bridders either on crutches, zimmers, sticks and some in those disabled vehicles. I saw one in Somerfield and it was as big as a car, this guy was driving a car inside Somerfields for chrissake, doing a three point turn down the bakery aisle, sat nav'd his way to the checkouts and then drove off. What is the invalidity wagon/car crossover point? (my wife saw this guy hop out and grab a tin from the top shelf, like Andy from Little Britain) Pringle anyone?

I like the Tchibo range, changes every week.

The junction at Miles Cross has already claimed several lives, so the Highways Agency along with the local council has drawn up plans to increase safety there. A spokesman said "We have looked into the feasability of using the unemployed to test these new features".

I am researching the underground cock fighting scene of the early nineties and in paticular the Bradstock Hotspur. do any of Bridport Radio listeners have any information?
yours expectingly
simon farr-ellington

Due to the increasing debate about car parking in the town centre we at Bridport Radio have got involved and at no expense to ourselves are now able to bring you the motorists Free Parking in Bridport!

Ever attempted to travel up or down Skilling Hill Road in anything other than a pair of roller skates? Doesn’t it make you wonder how those “traffic calming measures” actually calm traffic? On the face of it, this veritable Krypton Factor of a road has done nothing but force traffic uncontrollably over kerbs right on the doorstep of a busy primary school. The leisure centre on the other hand can suffer because, quite frankly, if you are going to walk/jog to and from leisure centres then you’re digging an early grave anyhow.

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