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dorset_tubeI was born and raised in Dorset, but now live in London.

One evening, during a particularly slow journey home on the Victoria line I wondered how big the Underground was, and therefore how big Greater London was. I couldn't picture in my head the sort of an area it covered. I needed a familiar comparison to be able to visualise it.

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bridport-tubeTFL and The Mayor of London Boris Johnson jointly announce plans to add the South West town of Bridport to the Underground rail network.

In recent research it was discovered that considering 75% of westbound traffic in the lead-up to various weekends and school holidays throughout the year was destined for Bridport, the addition of Bridport to the network was a “no brainer”.

If Heath Robinson had invented the Kindle - maximum effort for absolutely minimum, but delightful, result.

IN WEST DORSET it is possible to scoff away at just about any sort of grub you care to mention. Except for one. I was privileged to be at a gathering of the sharpest and finest minds in Dorset to discuss this very problem just last evening at The Ilchester Arms in Symondsbury. A decision was taken to right this wrong and include the, formerly, excluded. This gap in the market must be plugged and now it will be plugged.

up_th_creekNOW I AM going to need an awful lot of help and support with this one but I know that the good people of this town will come flooding forward with offers when they hear of my forthcoming adventure.

In the true spirit of exploration and adventure I intend to set off on an expedition to discover and map the source of the River Simene. I can hear your gasps of amazement even as I write the words but for the sake of knowledge for the sake of our children and for the sake of generations, as yet, unborn it simply has to be done.

MP Oliver Letwin's filing system in North Allington


A rare first edition of the Bible has been found in a charity shop in West Street, Bridport. An eagle eyed Clergyman bought the book with the collected works of James Herriot.

The Clergyman who has a penchant for antiquarian books was passing through Bridport on his way to his holiday destination in Devon when he noticed the abundance of charity shops in West Street.  The Right Reverend Bruce Stanhope of the Archdiocese of Melling who wishes to remain anonymous decided to park his car in the bus stop outside Snooks and investigate.

cows-nappiesFurther to the report that a holidaymaker David Copp who came across a fishing trawler moored in Ilfracombe Harbour, took great offence and complained: We can confirm reports that second home owners (Cuckoos) in West Milton have complained that cows have been defecating in nearby fields, Mrs Deidre Towniscombe said

looting-seagullLooting is for the birds, mind out they'll thieve your camera next. While we're on the subject:


Images of Bridport and West Bay

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