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Damned Seagull stole my video camera

A new social housing project in Bridport Dorset is to be named "Twitbook Heights" The project is the brainchild of Letchworth super architect Jeremy Williams-Leroy.

Early plans show imaginative and original streets named after internet and social networking sites, here are a few examples of the street names:

Quedam shopping centreDave's top tip for today...

"Save money on safari parks. Just visit Yeovil...

it's a bleedin' zoo"

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Horned RabbitOn a recent house call in bridport Mr Ray Poole of the Loft antiques in Gundry lane discovered unknown to himself  a rare little gem.

Not quite sure what he had found Mr Poole contacted the British rodent and rabbit society chairman Mr Charles D Homberg R.F.F. and was told it was in fact a rare Marshwood Vale Horned Rabbit (Oryctolagus Wurzelus Cornuculus) extinct since the late 18thC.

Mr Homberg said that it is the only known stuffed trophy head but he does have a skull which was found while ditching work was being carried out by council workers in the 1920s near Pilsdon.

mutant-seagullFurther to our Beasts of Bridport article; Bridport Radio member John Bok sent us this picture, John says

"This beast sits on the roof opposite my cottage and they start dating soon"

Look out they will have your chips and your arm!

It gets worse...

After the announcement of the Coca Cola sponsored renovations of Bridport Town Hall fast food giant McDonalds has stepped in to sponsor lighting the famous Colmers Hill in Symondsbury.

Concerns have been raised over the grazing beef cattle in the area beginning to show signs of paranoia, and the villagers of Symondsbury are now up in arms over light pollution. One villager says:

“It’s like an arctic summer down here. There is no night and the birds are starting to act strange.”

A spokesman from McDonalds confirms that “McDonalds is proud to sponsor the icon that symbolises Bridport and it’s beautiful surrounding areas. We are currently in plans for a chain of McPubs and a McBrewery, which seems to have met with a resounding positive response in the area.”

This incredible photograph was taken by a Bridport Radio member Joy Adamson last weekend "I was just walking home from the pub and outside St Swithuns church I saw what at first I thought was a labrador coming out of the gates, as it came closer I noticed it was not a dog at all but a big cat, I managed to take a picture with my camera phone before it ran off up North Allington"

colmers-ajmerIt's no surprise, the popularity of our very own Colmers Hill could not go unnoticed throughout the world, a firm of Indian architects have built a full size replica of Dorset's most iconic mound in  Ajmer,  a city in Ajmer District in India's Rajasthan state. 

The amazing feat of human ingenuity took a mere six weeks to complete and over 30,00 moundwallas were drafted in to complete the ginormous landmark.

Proposed routeIt’s official, Bridport is to Install the World’s first Park and Slide scheme to ease traffic congestion, the Slide which will operate during peak periods 9pm–10pm September to April. Running from the top of Colmers hill in the West of town and corkscrewing through Symos and Allington, over the post office,  delivering shoppers to the heart of town where  shopkeepers are already fighting over the location of the landing pad.


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