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R J Balson & Son

Butchers Since 1535

In 1535, John Balson began trading meat at the local market in Bridport, England.  Today, the RJ Balson and Sons butcher shop can be found in the same location that it has been since 1880.  The Balsons have managed to survive the influx of supermarkets and fast food, and still run a successful family business after all those years.  The family joke is that they've just never made enough money to be able to retire.

Over the past 40 years,  Balson's butcher shop has become especially famous for its handmade specialty sausages.  They have served them to the Queen of England herself at her annual summer cookout at Blenheim Palace.  The butcher shop has also won numerous awards for their unique sausage recipes.  We use all-natural ingredients and have exotic blends made out of elk, wild boar, ostrich, and duck.

9, West Allington

Also available in the USA
RJ Balson and Son, Inc.
PO Box 4817
Fayetteville, AR 72702


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