Christmas on Bridport RadioChristmas comes but once a year
Well you can thank the lord for that
When we spend countless hours going ‘round the stores
For the same old load of tat
What do you get the kids these days?
There’s an enormous choice to be had
But unless it has batteries and a button to push
They really think it’s sad
Then there is the rest of the family to buy for
Mums, dads, grans and granddads an aunt Flo’
You ask them all nicely what they would like
But get the usual “Oh I don’t know”
Christmas food, Christmas drinks, tree and decorations too
The list just goes on and on
I work myself into such a state
That I wish Christmas was over and gone
But when on the morning you survey the scene
With those faces alight with a smile
You know that all the worry and work was worthwhile.



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