skimmity-seaThe Skimmity Hitchers are excited to be acting as West Country Scrumpy Ambassadors this summer when they sail across the Channel to play the Festival OUT CIDER in Brittany on 7th - 9th July. But before then, on Thursday 6th July they will be playing a special "Au Revoir"  gig at the Ropemakers.

A few intrepid cider explorers are coming along to France for the adventure, and all of you are welcome to join the fun. The festival and camping are completely free so all you'll need to pay for is travel, cider and food!


UKIP Rabies

If you can't make the trip due to work, holidays, rabies or being a UKIP member, please come and wish The Skimmities 'bon voyage' on Thursday 6th July at The Ropemakers in Bridport. The Ropeys don't usually book bands on a Thursday night but this being a special occasion they've bucked the trend.

It may well be a school night but don't let that stop you.Release your inner Frenchman and ring in sick / go on strike :)


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