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Angi and Banjo present The Crazy Victorian Slideshow Drawing Extravaganza

Children ages 6-11 are invited to a wild and wonderful drawing workshop on Tuesday 14 February at Bridport Arts Centre. Led by the equally wonderful Anji and Banjo, the amazing art sessions will be created in special Victorian themed slideshow setting.

Howl Open Mic Nights have become an established event in many bars and pubs in Dorset, and I ventured along to their evening in No.10. Luckily for those who didn't want their eardrums destroyed, I was happy to stand back and cheer on those braver than myself, who were willing and ready to display their musical skills. It is a testimony to the number of wonderful musicians Bridport harbours to see, on just one busy Thursday night, how many came out to perform.

shelbys-elbowsWho ever said that week nights had to be boring? Even with the wet and wild weather chilling us all to the bone, now is no time to be hiding under your duvet...

For example, My Wednesday night was spent listening to the awesome music of Shelby's Elbows, enjoying my Southern Comfort and lemonade in the company of other music lovers. As many people will know, No.10 have always supported local music, and their music nights have become legendary in their own right.

CUBE Theatre present their new play Geppetto at Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday 27 August.

In New York's lower east side, in the middle of the 1950s, a teenage girl answers a hastily scrawled, advert on a whim. It invites her to audition for the role of puppeteer in a forthcoming production of Pinocchio. But when she enters the shabby flat where the audition is being held, it soon becomes clear that things aren't quite what she was expecting, especially since the odd, foreign-accented, ill-at-ease man she finds there calls himself Geppetto (the name of Pinocchio's father in the original story).

MARK THOMAS image 2011 by Idil SukanMulti award winning comedian and activist Mark Thomas has so much under his already politically expanded belt that there could not possibly be anything left in this world untouched by his investigations. His last UK tours, ‘The Manifesto’ and ‘Stupid Economy’, both sold out nationwide and inspired audiences across the UK to voice their own ideals. The results from ‘Manifesto’ were published in a pamphlet entitled The People’s Manifesto (Ebury Publishing) and the show was also recorded and broadcast as a Radio 4 series earlier this year. So what next?

A good reason for getting out of bed on a Sunday morning is church (commonly known as the Cider Shed), because you never know what might occur. This previous Sunday we were treated to a commando gig by those scrumpy and western legends the Skimmity Hitchers. Lead singer Tatty Smart said "A lot of our songs were written with more than a tip af the cap to the cider shed and we were honored to be able to play on such hallowed ground".

Events and entertainment at the Electric Palace, South Street, Bridport. Box Office: Bridport TIC 01308 424901

Wednesday April 6th at 7pm in the upstairs lounge at Beach and Barnicott-  was the grand finale of Fanny’s spring gigs with Rory Mcleod. She had invited 9 mostly local acts of exceptionally high standards, all of whom came up trumps, the audience was delighted and surprised as they watched from their sofas and floor cushions.

Inspired by the work of Mr Paul Murphy , Fanny hosted a spring evening of specially invited experienced and acclaimed musicians who played alongside up and coming and unsigned artists in an unpredictable and exciting show-case of raw talent.

Special thanks goes to Ian Rogers from the Orange Box Yeovil who mastered the sound beautifully, on the hoof and off the cuff. Performers included Dan Dickinson, Jack Harrison, Joe Trudgeon, Ergo Phizmiz, Will Sear, Aidan Simpson, The Sometimes and Forever Band, The Engine Room, Rory McLeod and Mr Paul Murphy Himself.

You can read a brief history of Paul Murphy’s Birmingham Song Writers Cafe here PaulMurphyTV

never-let-me-goInternationally renowned author Kazuo Ishiguro will be attending the opening night of From Page to Screen, the UK’s only film festival dedicated to the adaptation of books into films.

The first night Wednesday 13 April will feature the film adaptation of Ishiguro’s best-selling novel `Never Let Me Go’, following an on stage conversation between the author and Jonathan Coe, From Page to Screen’s artistic director and writer of bestsellers What a Carve Up! and The Rotters’ Club. See From Page to Screen Itenerary

publick-transportMining its trademark vein of absurdist humour, the brilliant theatre duo Publick Transport returns to rural Dorset for two nights as part of Artsreach’s spring programme.

In these times of uncertainty laughter goes a long way, and although government isn’t an obvious comical topic, Publick Transport makes it a perfect tonic in their theatrical comedy ‘The Department of Smelling Pistakes’. This production follows Publick Transport’s touring comedy production last year, ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Office’.


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