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Christmas on Bridport RadioChristmas comes but once a year
Well you can thank the lord for that
When we spend countless hours going ‘round the stores
For the same old load of tat
What do you get the kids these days?
There’s an enormous choice to be had
But unless it has batteries and a button to push
They really think it’s sad
Then there is the rest of the family to buy for
Mums, dads, grans and granddads an aunt Flo’
You ask them all nicely what they would like
But get the usual “Oh I don’t know”
Christmas food, Christmas drinks, tree and decorations too
The list just goes on and on
I work myself into such a state
That I wish Christmas was over and gone
But when on the morning you survey the scene
With those faces alight with a smile
You know that all the worry and work was worthwhile.


New and improved, the original movie posted here was too ginormous so we've made it smaller for faster downloading. Here's some great footage of Bridport stations very own boys and girls in blue, gettin' on down ina night fever stylee. This clip was filmed and edited by Bridport Radio member AHead especially for the local Policemans Ball. So get ready for some rib tickling, toe tappin' entertainment...

Summer, a few years back now

The winner of the fiendishly difficult "where's it to?" competition is Bridport Radio Member Poohface who has bagged a £30.00 gift voucher to spend in Steptoes by telling us where these six pictures were taken, there was also a tiebreaker to complete. We liked Poohface's "I think Bridport is great because...we have a fantastic link to the community through Bridport Radio" But AndyHead's "I think Bridport is great because...I've lived here ten years and there still lots of obscure architectural details that I am unfamililar with" wins him one of our limited edition Mikkimugs.

Our caption competition was so much fun we want to do another one but we need your help, so please contact us for details on how to send us your photos. Anyhoo... congratulations to Bridport Radio Member TINY MIND who wins one of the much sought after Bridport Radio limited edition MikkiMugs with his caption.

South Street, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3NR
Box Office: 01308 424204

This historic venue has a 200-seat theatre, three gallery spaces plus a café and bar.
To see what's on go to their website:

Verbally pound the bejesus out of someone less eloquent than you, we want to see more hemorrhaging than spell checking.
Click here if you're not easily offended!

The Hope and Anchor - Freehouse

  • Cosy smoking shed
  • Ample parking
  • Good Pub Guide 2006  
  • Live Music
  • Great Real Ales and Ciders
  • Pool Room
  • Trade Garden
  • Table Skittles and Darts
  • Quiz Nights

St Michaels Lane, Bridport, Tel: 01308 422160

Seal of the town of BridportBridport has a long and interesting history, there is evidence in the lumps and bumps of the landscape that people have lived in this area since prehistoric times. In 1086 The Domesday book calls it Brideport. Bridiport 1157, Brudiport 1207, Bredeport 1266. The definition of the name means 'Harbour or market town belonging to Bredy', from Old English Port which can mean either 'port' or 'market' and Brit the name of the river that runs through it.

Here is a collection of images from Bridport's past sent in by our readers. Have you got any pictures from bygone days that you would like to share? Or if you have any information about the pictures published here let us know. Please remember that the copyright for these pictures belongs to their respective owners and they should not be used without prior permission.

13 enjoy some company on the new pier.JPG

Images of Bridport and West Bay

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