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Stan – My dear faithful friend. RIPDear BridportRadio

I was being chased by a police dog last week, and made the mistake of trying to escape through a little tunnel, over a see-saw and through a hoop of fire. It finally caught me as I was weaving in and out of some sticks.  
If you are being chased by a police dog, don't take the route I did!

A. Perp


#1 Dorsetman 17-07-2008 23:57
I used to breed and train G.S.D.s (and have supplied some to the Staffordshire Police). If you are in a situation where Police dogs are used STAND STILL, they are trained to chase a moving 'target' (i.e. a guilty person).
#2 tuzo 18-07-2008 11:39
you wonder what the dog might be thinking when they munch on the stranger?They dont have solicitors or watch the news, i think they might have a higher purpose than this sort of activity?
#3 Dorsetman 24-07-2008 01:16
My dogs were trained to chase/attack on command for suspects of a crime, people using wacky baccy, and coke of the powdered type. when off duty they played with my kids as family pets. I could let my kids and their later kids play outside while I was decorating knowing they were safe. Don't knock the dog, blame the owner, there's no bad dog just bad owners.
#4 tuzo 25-07-2008 14:58
i am delighted that your dogs play well with your kids (dorsetman) and i am sure this is due to your good office re thier understanding of humans. However some would suggest that we might not have progessed as humans without the long standing help of our canine friends, fending off predators from the fire for small rewards some ten thousand years ago? I just wonder if we should (as supposedly progressed humans) Not offer the dogs a new role in our lives? a more advanced role, perhaps not involving predators or criminals? we hear they can smell out cancer, how about upgrading our dear friends as doctor dogs and giving them new status and respect?
#5 Dorsetman 27-07-2008 02:13
Tuzo, thanks for your comments, and I agree we should use well trained dogs to help in other ways than catching criminals, (but it is fun watching a police officer playing the bad guy and getting attacked). The thing is apart from the trained attack dog, it is trained to detect a substance, sit and stare at the subject to indicate to its' handler something is amiss/illegal. Put the cancer sniffer dog on the entrance to a hospital/hospice,it would be up and down like a yoyo. Walking round town could be embarrasing if your dog went up to a stranger and sat, I know my response, what is yours? No amimosity or ill will intended.

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