On any bin day and the night before the streets are strewn with rubbish – rotting potato peelings, decaying chicken carcasses, crispy condoms, festering sanitary towels, stinky nappies and all manner of detritus which covers the roads and pavements forcing pedestrians to take evasive action or risk soiling their shoes/wheels on last weeks leftovers. So whose fault is it?

  • The gulls, rats, cats or foxes? No, they are just taking advantage of this natural bounty.
  • The Bin Men, surely they could sweep up after themselves? No, these guys have a crappy enough job as it is.
  • The Council?, they should provide wheely bins - Oh yeah and watch your Council tax rise to pay for it and what did we do before black bin liners?
  • You? Yes you, all you people who do not have respect for your environment or your fellow man. Is it too much to ask that you buy a dustbin? (RKL Tools £9.99) if you can’t afford that then use an old sheet of some sort. But don’t put bleach or similar on your rubbish as a deterrent –Think! Somebody has to handle your garbage and doesn’t want to be covered in Domestos.

So in closing I would say to all those who do not take the necessary precautions to make their bins pest proof - Do something about it!

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#1 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEJagl 19-06-2006 20:22
I suggest that the Bridport Radio Mayor could advertise for a sniper who could lay in wait in the bell tower of the town hall every bin day morning. He could snipe anyone who puts a black bin bag out. That'd teach 'em!! SNipe eM aLL, ThaTs whAt I saY, sniPe the SodS, They wOn't dO it agAin in a hUrrY !!!! Hah Hemmm, ... Getting back to the main point, there seems to be a serious lack of snipers in bell towers these days. What's the Bridport Radio Mayor doing about it, that's what I want to know?
#2 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEBigdoubleya 19-06-2006 21:51
The problem seems to be worse where the rubbish isn't outside of anyone's house. Where the WDS trucks don't go, nor will the refuse collectors. Why? I'm not saying it's their fault, but it wasn't always so. In these circumstances I think the dustmen could report the mess if they won't pick it up. If you see rubbish on the street way ahead of it's collection time, report it, it's fly tipping.
#3 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEJagl 19-06-2006 22:58
Funny that, I was at the Chris Difford gig on Saturday and he was saying what a lovely town Bridport seemed, I guess if he'd turned up on South street at c6PM tonight as I did he might have wondered who the hell these people were that cared so little about the state of their street. It's amazing the stuff you see, I saw a still completely wrapped iceberg lettuce tonight, seemed to be perfect, except for the fact it had been in someone's bin and I'm not sure my family are ready to go Freegan yet....
#4 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEWaldorf and Stadtler 20-06-2006 16:47
If you (like me) are unhappy with these streets of shame please send your comments to custservices@westdorset-dc.gov.uk , phone 01305 251010, or visit www.dorsetforyou.com . Bring back local hero Pete the Sweep!
#5 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEJagl 20-06-2006 17:36
Although I admire The Bat's enthusiasm, Sipering people who put their rubbish out too early and/or without a dust/wheelie-bin, drug addicts, badly parked white van drivers and pretty much everything else,...I would like to remind The Bat that """"sniping"""" could possibly be seen as an illegal and dangerous activity. Not to mention unimaginative. Besides, the only space available in the Town Hall bell tower is allocated for the future abduction of Oliver Letwin. If my Mayoral position was not a complete work of BridportRadio fiction, I would suggest that households are all issued with a wheelie bin each, along with the rediculously small recycling box and pathetic pastic bag. This suggestion would be laughed out of the council meeting due to the expense involved in supplying 15,000 £35 wheelie bins just because some cheapskate a***holes won't buy them for themselves and are so beyond help that they can't even remember a simple thing like which day their bin day is. I deal with idiots everyday at work and they are a fact of life. Bridport is not perfect and it has it's fair share of idiots. Perhaps a more interesting proposition would be to fine an entire post code if a mess is found outside just one house. For example DT6 5DX covers 25 house holds in North Allington. If number 39 puts their rubbish out in flimsy plastic bags 24 hours too early and is spread over the road by the local wildlife, all 25 houses are fined £50 for the trouble.
#6 RE: ...AND ANOTHER THINGtinymind 22-06-2006 08:37
Driving past the Kings Head the other day on St. Andrews Road heading into town I noticed a new Drugs Information Advisory sign. I couldn't believe my eyes! This sign appeared to be annoucing to the individual driver, the price of Speed in in Bridport! On my way in one day it flashed up with £34 saying """"YOUR SPEED 34"""" and yesterday it flashed up with £38. Being positioned so close to a school I can see how easily a sign like this can cause unrest amongst the """"Scabby Kid"""" fraterniy. I'll have to introduce some guidlines to keep the price of drugs from soaring so rapidly...before we have an uprising on our hands!
#7 RE: ...AND ANOTHER THINGThe Bat 23-06-2006 16:55
I was buying fathers day cards in Whsmiths last friday when i was handed a free set of england car flags - the problem? my dad happens to be welsh!! What ever happened to the complementry Toblerone??? What free fathers day gifts do they offer in Scotland Wales and N.Ireland??
#8 RE: CULL THE GULL?Vocal Local 28-06-2006 09:47
You know the answer is wheeled bins. It's true that wheeled bin collections cost more than black bag ones but the difference is not so enormous (maybe 30%) and the savings in cleaning up the present and increasing seagull mess would go some way to offsetting it. The main expense is obviously at the start and once the scheme is up and running, Authorities never go back to the antideluvian black bags and nor do the Residents even ask for it. I'm sure the District council will have already done the sums so know the answer anyway. Their problem is though that they (we) have to meet EC mandated and Government implemented recycling targets and on this alter EVERYTHING is sacrificed. Public Toilets are not being axed for hospitals and schools but to provide more money for the ever increasing recycling bill. Wheeled bins, even at little extra cost are regrettably not on the agenda for this reason.
#9 RE: ...AND ANOTHER THINGVocal Local 30-06-2006 08:06
Why do retired people, who have got all the time in the world, go shopping when I take my lunch hour and I'm in a hurry?
#10 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEd0g 09-08-2006 17:45
There certainly seems to be a don’t give a .... attitude with some people in this town who persistently put their rubbish out not only far too early in advance, (sometimes days) of the collection but also fail to protect it from attack by scavenging animals and gulls. Let’s start a name and shame campaign against these antisocial troglodytes and hopefully these scumbags will get the message it’s their rubbish and their responsibility to ensure it stays in a suitably secured container before collection. I suggest that if any Bridport Radio readers can positively identified rubbish found on the street to belong to a specific household they should post it through the offender’s letter box, Remember to wash your hands afterwards!
#11 RE: AT THE POLLSThe Bat 09-08-2006 22:57
""""Who are the worst and most inconsiderate drivers in BRIDPORT?"""" I think the worst and most inconsiderate drivers in Bridders are the taxi drivers. I realise this may be controversial but they CONSTANTLY park on the bus stop in West Street. They may think this is nor a problem and they are 'just rying to earn a living' but parking in a bus stop means that buses can't let their passegers alight from buses onto a raised kerb. This in turn means that elderly and disabled people have a longer step when they step off the bus which causes accidents. I tentaively suggest that this problem could easily be solved by placing a sniper in the bell tower of the town hall. Any taxi driver offenders could be 'picked off' by our sniper and therefore remove the problem . While he is at it, maybe the sniper could also snipe the tyres of that white van which blocks the view of the traffic lights to motorists every market day. If sniping the tyres didn't work, maybe he could snipe the DRIVER. SniPe eM alL Tht'S whaT i SaY. SniPE em aLL and thEy won'yt do iT agaIN in a hurRy.
#12 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEFooty Seagull 19-08-2006 13:32
A sniper in the bell tower would be a great idea. He could shoot all the sea gulls, pidgeons, rats, dogs (what's the difference between a rat and a dog?), whinos and shitehawks. That should keep him busy. I he/she was paid on commission only they would be able to afford a roller within the month.
#13 RE: RUBBISH CARNIVALdoug the hat 22-08-2006 09:31
Oh yes and the esteemed mayor didnt have a """"predecessor, did he? maybe he might have a successsor!! hehe
#14 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEdoug the hat 22-08-2006 13:27
the hawkins saga is now at an end folks!! thank you to those who may have passed on my messages to him, but most of all thanks to brendan himself for seeing the error of his ways and for removing the boat from the car park this very morning. the abuse he threw at the security camera was most amusing, but job done, thanks, doug the hat
#15 RE: STREETS OF SHAMEfranks 06-07-2012 10:41
If each one sweeps before his own door, the whole street is clean.

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