Everyone can help save the Trick Factory, as everyone has something different to offer. Take a look at the list below and let us know what you are committed to doing to save the Trick Factory. The Trick Factory an indoor BMX bike and skateboard facility located in the St Michaels Trading Estate in Bridport is under threat of closure because of a the planning bid to develop the South West Quadrant, this will also force several other businesses and many artist studios to close or relocate.


Give the Trick Factory some of your time. The following tasks can be accomplished in less than a day:

  1. Research local government grants and select a short list of 3 grants that the Trick Factory can apply for.
  2. Research local smaller private grant-making bodies and select a short list of 3 grants that the Trick Factory can apply for.
  3. Research larger regional or national private grant making bodies and select a short list of 3 grants that the Trick Factory can apply for.
  4. Research national government grants and select a short list of 3 grants that the Trick Factory can apply for
  5. Write a grant application for a local government grant
  6. Write a grant application for a national government grant
  7. Write a grant application for a small local private grant
  8. Write a grant application for a major private grant
  9. Co-ordinate getting two quotes from local building contractors to refurbish the building for basic use
  10. Research gaining exemption from 20% business rates (£1800 pa)
  11. Research alternative sites for the Trick Factory, in case it is evicted from the Stover Building


  1. Emergency fire exit steps -- £250
  2. Second emergency fire exit improvement -- £250
  3. Engineering assessment of roof cross supports to increase clearance -- £200
  4. Estimated cost of increasing jump clearance -- £1000
  5. Fans for summer -- £500
  6. Tarmac the road outside -- £2000
  7. Glaze windows and render operational -- £700
  8. Contribute to annual costs:

-business rates -- £1800 pa

-insurance - £1000 pa

-a supervisor so that Rob does not have to be on volunteer duty 5 nights a week (£1,500 for each of three nights a week for a year)

-rent -- £662 per month

-rent for rest of building, so Trick Factory can expand -- an additional £700 per month


-if you can give any building supplies, safety equipment, skate or bike equipment or anything else you can see the Trick Factory needs, it would be much appreciated.


for your help in Saving Bridport’s Trick Factory. For more information or updates on the campaign, please go to www.thetrickfactory.com.

PS: Have you posted your picture on the Facebook Trick Factory Support Group page yet? The group has over a thousand members and counting . . .


Background to the Trick Factory

The Trick Factory is on St Michael’s Estate, Bridport, Dorset and provides opportunities for indoor skateboarding and trick cycling for the young people of Bridport and indeed people come from all along the South coast to use it. It was established by famed BMX rider Robert Ridge more than ten years ago.

  • It runs entirely as a non-profit
  • Robert, whose day job is as a plumber, has invested at least £15,000 of his own money to make it work
  • It is the only indoor skateboard and BMX facility on the South Coast
  • Robert and a small group of volunteers keep it open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, and for longer hours on Saturday and Sunday
  • As many as 25 young people use it at a time, paying a small entry fee which goes towards costs
  • It has been running in this building for over 10 years.
  • Although Rob has managed to get occasional small grants or sponsorship to help build ramps etc, the Trick Factory does not receive any consistent funding despite providing a facility that is more in demand than the local youth centre or the outdoor skate park
  • It is important to the St Michael’s Estate landlords to close down the Trick Factory, because if they can show that the building is not occupied, it easier to have it demolished – thereby creating a hole in the estate for significant development, and helping the owners' pending appeal against a recent denial of planning permission.  Members of the local community are looking at alternatives to the development proposal under appeal, to find alternatives that pay proper attention to local concerns with regard to transport, employment, affordable housing and heritage and sense of place – as well as to the future of the Trick Factory.

Save the Trick Factory or...

More at Facebook Trick Factory Support Group


#1 Random 15-01-2010 09:11
Hi there, although i cant offer any help of sorts i would just like to say that having lived virtually next door to the Trick factory for a few months i have found the youngsters that use it to be polite and friendly...they often use my wheelie bin to put there rubbish in (which isnt a problem) when coming to and from the trick factory and in this day and age that is nice to see. I think it would be a terrible shame if they loose The Trick Factory and hope that the residents of Bridport can find some way of helping them keep it open.
#2 tuzo 18-01-2010 13:14
not only the trick factory... but also some charming unusual places to shop, antique clothes, fairly priced excellent furniture, of an age gone past.... I see the word regeneration used by those wishing to build there, but they would be killing the goose that laid the golden egg.. too many towns in dorset and elsewhere are becoming sterile with the poundbury effect.. it will become yet another dormitory ... snooze......

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