Surrounded by such beautiful countryside it’s easy to become complacent about the green spaces that weave there way into and through the town.  Where would we be without Askers Meadows or green corridor that follows the course of the River Brit?  These all make Bridport what it is, a market town inextricably linked to the countryside, each coexisting in harmony. 

One can be fighting through the crowds on a busy, thriving, market day at the height of summer and take a stroll down behind St Mary’s Church at stand in peace and quiet looking out to the hills that encircle the town.  This is the same scene that Thomas Hardy witnessed and wrote about in the short story "Fellow Townsmen" where he vividly describes the interrelationship between town and countryside, with Shepard’s calling to one another between the hills.

This may be a romantic picture of a working town but when I moved to Priory Lane with my wife a good eight years ago we were surrounded by allotments and green space.  Before long the allotment holders were forced to leave the land bordering the Brit and the brambles crept in, once in a derelict state the bid to develop started.  Over the years myself, neighbours and the good people of Bridport have fought off a proposal to build a giant indoors bowls rink on St Mary’s Field, the very field behind the church, a proposal to built blocks of flats and four bed houses on the former allotments bordering the River Brit.  Both these were refused after a tough battle but they are back again trying to destroy our town, our identity.  One suggestion is to return the land to a community orchard as these ancient hemp drying lands were orchards connected to the Priory in times of old.

If you are interested in environmental issues you may like to consider joining the Bridport Environment Group which costs £1 to join annually and meets the second Tuesday of each month (not August) at 5:30pm at Mountfied. 

Andrew Bradley
Chair of the Bridport Environment Group

Visit Bridport Environmental Group Website


#1 RE: CULL THE GULL?draino 06-07-2006 20:57
Further to my previous post. Steveie the gull crapped on my car this morning, if I get hold of the little ba**ard, I wring his fri**ing neck! Shoot 'em ALL, that's wot I say!! Come on snipers. where ARE you??
#2 RE: SAVING GREEN SPACESStretchy Nuts 24-07-2006 14:21
Does anyone know about the rumours about the West Road golf course being revived at Verse Farm? Big, big development passed about 10 years ago but never implemented... to date
#3 RE: SAVING GREEN SPACESWaldorf and Stadtler 24-07-2006 23:39
A very good article and relivant subject, when it is time to dust off the pitch fork and start defending our land and keeping it just as sweet mother nature wants us to, give a shout out, WE ARE READY! Stretchy
#4 RE: SAVING GREEN SPACESStretchy Nuts 22-08-2006 19:50
but the balls will shatter!!! actually that sounds brilliant, health and safety might then force antartic tennis players to wear big combersome goggles, if anyone goes get a photo please. that would cheer anyday up. back to the subject in hand... whats happening about all this building on our land? any updates
#5 RE: SAVING GREEN SPACESgoccibos 18-09-2006 13:00
The latest planning application has been REFUSED! The southern part of the former allotment site is now safeguarded from building in the new local Plan!
#6 RE: JUMPING DEATHStretchy Nuts 20-10-2006 07:26
We have local prostitutes ??? No one told ME.
#7 RE: BRIDDERS ON TVIvor Bigun 25-10-2006 19:00
I think the Sky TV series Street Crime UK is filmed in Rivervale and Doctor Roberts closet !!

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