Tuesday 26 July '06 Harbour Amusements, West Bay has been given an ultimatum by the West District Dorset Council to remove flower baskets that it has installed outside its premises within 24 hours or, say the Council "We will destroy them." The perpetrator of this hideous crime to society Mr Parkin said "It's madness, we won the Bridport in bloom competition last year and have recieved nothing but complements about them, especially from the people at the nearby old folks home."

Bridport citizens can now sleep a little sounder safe in the knowledge that their council tax money is going to a worthwhile cause of policing unlicensed flower displays, perhaps now something will be done to stop that urban terrorist Mrs Stoodley from blatantly decorating Bucky Doo Square with her floral vandalism.


#1 RE: SAVING GREEN SPACESdraino 26-07-2006 11:28
Speaking of green spaces being """"stolen"""". Have you seen what the tennis club is doing to Plottinghams Playing fields? I hereby declare tennis an illegal activity punishable by exile to the antarctic.
#2 RE: WE ARE NOT AMUSEDEditor 26-07-2006 19:19
Update Wed 26/07/2006 16:57 After a stand off between Mr Parkin and two policemen, a JCB, a lorry and the harbour master they backed off and now say that Mr Parkin can put in an application, which they might refuse. FLOWER POWER!
#3 RE: CRIME UPDATE 25 MAYStretchy Nuts 27-07-2006 16:36
If anybody, is deeeply worried by the above and would like to advantage of my dope amnesty - seal your unwanted wares in nice zip lock bags and handed discretely under the table whenever I'm out drinking around town. Remember the golden rule of drugs - use them or lose them!
#4 RE: WE ARE NOT AMUSEDWaldorf and Stadtler 28-07-2006 16:27
Don,t forget this is a public green. First the flowers then what next a couple of fruit machines, where will it stop??????
#5 RE: WE ARE NOT AMUSEDdraino 03-08-2006 11:48
If I was Harbour Master and I got a call asking me to sort out some unruly flower display my reaction would have been """"Are you having a Larf? No? Are they a hazard to shipping? No? Well s*d off and stop wasting my time.""""
#6 RE: WE ARE NOT AMUSEDtinymind 03-08-2006 11:50
That is bloody ludicrous, have the local council got nothing better to do? with all the ghastly buildings that are being put up around west bay, I think it is a much needed burst of colour to put flowers out and about.
#7 RE: BEER BOYCOTTMac pictures 05-08-2006 10:48
Man it is a sad world, Palmers own a hell of a lot more around Bridport than most people know... do they need the cash? well they obviously think they do, if (as many good people have stated above) you have a problem with Palmer bros making a load of cash out of people that work like a pit pony for a few sheckles then quite simply source your sauce else where, it isn't going to hurt them in the slightest... we made the beasts by buying their beer and other peripherals now it is up to us (and I mean every one of us that has played in the pool rooms as kids supping coke to the old boys that have been on palmers IPA for the last hundred or so years)to suffer the consequences. A good mate said to me once... """"You are either part of the problem or part of the solution, which is it?"""" Ya can't keep a good clown down. Stretchy
#8 RE: FLOWER POWERROBERT 14-08-2006 10:58
mac. if you need work or friends find a story don't make one up. i have not spoken to you as i speak to the organ grinder not the monkey.
#9 RE: FLOWER POWERPisces 25-08-2006 13:31
I have no axe to grind!Mr P has a business to promote and run.For many years the green,as well as the green the other side of the sluice hatches,were always referred to as Fisherman`s Green and there are still a few local residents who actually used these areas for fishing related uses-boat storage,rigging and clearing nets etc.However as time has passed the """"ownership """"of these two areas has been """"acquired"""" by WDDC.The fishermans huts were removed from one and a monstrous (typical of West Bay) block of toilets built. The other-Mr.Parkin`s battlefield-has become the Charity Fun Day/Religious Zealots zone.In days gone by the Sally Ann played there on Sunday afternoons for all to enjoy !We must count our blessings-the WDDC has not YET issued licences for Burger Kiosks or sold them off to NCP!!!
#10 RE: FLOWER POWERPisces 03-09-2006 22:57

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