Trying to Keep Bridport GM Free, Protecting Scallops, A Community Orchard and all those road signs; some of the topics discussed at this months meeting of the Environment Group. 

The GM debate; the Government are currently consulting on its latest proposals for “coexistence” and guess what…. producers are to be self regulating, no one will be told where they will be grown and no national register will be kept, higher contamination rates than recommended will be accepted, buffer zones between crops can be as low as 35m and proving contamination is down to the individual!  If you’ve got the cash to fight the Monsanto’s of this world fine but if like the rest of us you don’t PLEASE fill in the Friends of the Earth petition online  before 20 Oct.
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 More wet fish; the debate on the destruction of the coral beds off West Bay and the loss of the scallop population by mass dredging by boats “foreign” to the area has been high on the local agenda.  Not only because of the wanton destruction but the affect it must be having on our local fishermen who look after our seas in a traditional, sustainable way.  Again the Government (Ben Bradshaw MP) is calling for a voluntary agreement on no go areas.   This appears to be working in the short month or so it’s been in place but the Marine Conservation Society are naturally disappointed that it falls short of a ban in some sensitive areas.  The Group will be writing to the MP to express concerns and suggest more monitoring/policing takes place.

Future harvests; for some time now a voluntary group has been looking for a central town site for a community orchard.  The concept is well established in North Dorset and acts as a learning facility for children as well as sponsoring a sense of civic pride.  If anyone is interested please let us know as wider community involvement is central to this working.
“Watch your speed”, “People in road” sign; some members of the Group attended a conference on “Reclaiming our Rural Highways” put on by the Dorset AONB Partnership near Dorchester.  The real issue was “de-cluttering” or getting rid of unnecessary signage to improve the visual environment.  The sort of signs that warn of Deer and other animals (when you think we are in a rural area!), bend signs when there is clearly a bed and “road narrows” signs on the approach to a bridge. Research has shown that signs and lines can be overwhelming and don’t help the driver.  By removing some centre white lines and reducing signage vehicle speed is proven to be reduced and accidents fall.  Common sense stuff really, now being taken up in two pilots by the County.

Please post any Bridport wide environmental issues…..


#1 RE: THE BAT REVEALEDCarlito 17-10-2006 18:25
issue any recruits rusty badge with a motto \"""" one round one kill \""""
#2 RE: SAVING GREEN SPACESdragon 20-10-2006 09:49
Come on i sharpened the prongs on my pitch fork especially...we want the whole lot not just the southern bits...what are we red necks or something?
#3 RE: ENVIRONMENT WATCHCarlito 20-10-2006 11:07
not only in the rural areas are there USELESS signs!! there are two classic \""""wastes of time\"""" right in the main street of Bridders They are both on East Street, warning that there is neither a LEFT or a RIGHT turn into Downes Street! It has been mentioned before, and they are still there! surely the easily recognised \""""no left turn\"""" and \""""no right turn\"""" HIGHWAY CODE STYLE, would have sufficed? only people who live around here would know where \""""downes street\"""" is and we all know about the one way system anyway, so the visitors havent a clue what the \""""words\"""" mean!! there are two upright poles on each one, obstructing the pavement on both sides of east street,(pity the poor people with failing or no sight), and the blue backgroud with white lettering of the sign, creates a visual intrusion approx 4 feet by 2 feet , and its time they were removed!! i feel that angry about them id like to do it myself one night and see if anyone notices theyre gone! theyve been there a few years now and they are totally useless , so, POWERS THAT BE, walk along East Street some day and take a look at the rubbish, which did not even need planniing consent!! to finish let me just say this: ALL SIGNS WITH WORDS ON SHOULD BE BANNED. WE HAVE A HIGHWAY CODE SYSTEM OF SIGNAGE WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN ADEQUATE! And WHAT is a \""""baby swan\""""?????? arent they called \""""cygnets\"""" any more?
#4 draino 20-10-2006 11:23
I was driving somewhere in Hampshire and everything started to go cloudy """"ohmigod! I'm going blind"""" (I thought I had smoked enough pot to combat the effects of glaucoma) I panicked, swerved dangerously and sideswiped several cars. Imagine my embarrassment when I was eventually cut from the wreckage and the emergency crews told me I wasn't going blind but it was actually fog! It wouldn't have happened down here 'cos we got a REALLY BIG SIGN saying """"AREA PRONE TO FOG"""" (*yes, I'm being sarcastic*)
#5 RE: NO CRIME UPDATEIvor Bigun 08-11-2006 17:05
I saw something the other day(Tues 7th Nov)that was the highlight of an otherwise stressful day.As I passed Bridport Police station walking in an easterly direction I heard a car and then the sound of something falling,on turning round I saw a police car on which the hatchback had flown open and deposited several things in the road.The car sopped and a young officer got out and retrieved said items.(Probably praying all the while that no-one at the station had seen!)Its nice to see that I wasn't the only one having stress!To keep in the topic of subject,maybe Pc Mcgregor was mislaid in the same way!

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