Ancient Giants is a documentary that follows three young explorers from Dorset deep into the Chilean temperate rain forest in search of some of the world’s oldest and largest trees. The Alerce Tree, also known as the Redwood of the South, is truly an impressive species. This film gives you stunning footage of these trees and the life that is sustained within their canopy, contrasted against the deforestation of these trees and the effects of their destruction.

They are aiming to create the best possible film through crowd funding. Crowd funding is a platform from which viewers can become involved as part of the film process. Its important to explain that its not donating, we have incentives that we can provide depending on the size of your contribution.

You can help; go to for more information.


#1 RE: Ancient Giantsshagsack 02-05-2012 09:38
hey lads, don't forget to give us all a quick update...when you have the chance... cheers!

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