pasties_petrolPetrol and pasties is all about mind control and social engineering and many fall for it. You deserve the government you get I fear and this one is well rehearsed and good at it. They're laughing in the bars at the houses of corruption ... and the tax payer subsidises their alcohol consumption oh woe...

and here i go ... oh the only main petrol supplier, morrisons, in bridport have employed a traffic controller to direct traffic towards the 'empty' pumps and many of them are chelsea tractors from the surrey dahling i notice.

You can always tell when visitors are here because the cars are squeeky sleeky clean and BIG ... try cycling , walking dancing to avoid this menace perpetuated by the cameron and and his oxbridge lying buddies... there is a significant percentage of these folks that visit bridport at this time of the year as they have holiday homes and i have seen them unloading their tractors with bags of m&s products and come here here to steal our petrol ... and then take over the local bars and restaurants so we locals have no chance of bookings... i know cos i have tried booking restaurants and they are always fully booked and expensive... try buying local and grow your own ...

From our raving reporter Pappajon

"Don't panic buy, but if you can, panic buy (dammit I forgot to privatise fresh air)"


#1 RE: Petrol and PastiesDraineaux 30-03-2012 16:21
I just run out of petrol outside the pie shop on my way to panic buy stamps

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