knife_smallNo 10 Cafe Bar has commissioned self defence expert Horst D. Lindenau to hold knife defence classes for its door staff and bar managers.

Following several incidents in the town involving attacks on members of the public with knifes, No 10 has decided that although no incidents have happened at No 10 it is prudent that its responsible staff receive relevant training to cope with such incidents.

Horst D. Lindenau is a highly qualified Master of the arts of self defence who believes that the best way to defuse any situation should not involve violence. It is now necessary with the current wave of offences with knifes that anyone who is potentially exposed to such situations should be trained to cope with them.

The first class was last Friday the 30th of March held at the Salt House in West Bay and was attended by Paul Hindes landlord of No 10, by Mutter Slater the manager, Ray Dean the doorman and Linden Norman, a qualified doorman.

The class last Friday included various kinds of defence techniques against knife attack. There was also training in the psychology of someone armed and violent, the law in relation to self defence, first aid practice in respect of knife wounds and training in the defusing of violent situations.

The thinking inspiring the action above was that it was best for No 10 as an employer and host to the general public to be prepared for the worst in the hope and desire that it would all improve unnecessary.

The kind of behaviour making this necessary has been spreading throughout the country. Anyone who feels that they too could benefit from further training should ring Horst on 01308-459781 or visit the website of the Bridport Jiu-Jitsu Club at or contact Paul at No 10.

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