The Lyric theatre up for sale as 'LAND'. The Lyric Theatre (Formerly Bernard Gale's School Of Dance) in Barrack Street is being advertised by agents Goadsby And Harding, as 'LAND' For Sale? Correct me If I'm wrong, but didn't I see a dirty great stone LISTED BUILDING standing on that very spot for the last thirty odd years of my life? What corrupt game is taking place here. Could it be the planners are scratching each others back again, maybe hoping no one will notice.

Good people of Bridport, keep an eye on the planning applications and raise your objections. We all know the tired arguments about jobs provided by new developments, market demand etc. You try building a huge versatile space like that in this town and see how much you're quoted.
There is a rumour circulating, wherein it is alleged, that a reasonable offer was made to purchase the Lyric in a plan that intended to keep the building as a multi-purpose activity space, with possible addition of a tea-room dedicated to Mr. Gale's legacy.
It is further rumoured and alleged that the estate agents advised the family selling the building it would be worth considerably more as a development. Subsequently the offer has been rejected. Hopefully, if enough objections are raised, the destruction, conversion or trashing of this fantastic, historic, local unpretentious community-supported space may remain, and the family may listen to those phoenix-like offers.

If you know the estate agents try find out what the game is. Write to object to any notice of planning converting the building. If you know the Gale family, have a word, encourage them to be involved in a future for the place. maybe there's a way to keep their involvement and make a few bob. the price of the property wont get any less in the next few years.

OTHER BUILDINGS and sites 'Redeveloped' recently. See also Destroyed trashed, gentrified (The Drill Hall, Old Co-op, Old Police Station, Port Bredy Hospital, West Mead hotel, Downe Hall, West Allington factory site- aka Fisherman's (what a bloody long) Walk (to the sea), Former Golf Club house, Harbour Garage, Gas works, most Palmers pubs, The Harbour's canary wharf type-thing etc etc etc. etc.) plus the new Tennis Courts on Plottinghams. Who in the name of satan did that? Were there no better sites available than the only thing that resembles a park for the po' part of town. Unreal?

Sites under Threat:
The Lyric, Newbridge Boats site (Backrivers Lane), The Old Ship-those Palmers Brothers at it again, The South West Quadrant- Watch out for this one - bye bye St. Michaels

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