Members of the King Charles Estate Residents Association has been galvanised the news from the latest District Council Meeting.  They learnt that their campaign to stop building on this field, was not quite over. It seems that the landowners have been allowed to put their bid to build on the field before the Government Inspector, even though their elected councillors had removed the field from the draft local plan. So the residents, joined by many people concerned about the loss of this precious green space, are now re-doubling their efforts.

Following the KCERA Committee s meeting on Sunday 18 November they are starting a letter writing campaign to ensure the Inspector knows that many people don t want the field built on.

Ron Coatsworth explained at a recent public meeting;  During my time as Parish, District and County Councillor for Bradpole the population of Bradpole has increased from 700 to over 2000   countless fields have been built on and green space lost for ever and enough is enough!

As the field is part of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the residents had presumed it would not built on, and the recent Bradpole Parish Plan clearly showed the overwhelming local opposition to any more Greenfield development in the area.

The Association s main concerns are over the loss of one of the few easily accessible green fields that form part of the green corridor  from Morrisons to Bradpole. The visual effect of this development will worsen the views across that part of Bridport, and would affect people living on Coneygar Hill, Watton Hill and Bradpole itself. The site is clearly visible from many public vantage points beyond the river and on the opposite side of the valley, including various positions on the

A3066 Bridport to Yeovil Road, and significantly from many points on the Monarch s Way long distance footpath, which actually runs down the edge of this site as well as going up Watton Hill opposite.

As the site is very steep the risk of significant run off of rainwater into the adjacent River Asker, will add to the flood risk, of great concern to all residents of East Street and South Street particularly, following the recent flood damage they experienced.

These points and more will be put in their letters to the Inspector and as many people in Bridport will be most concerned about this news they can reach Chris Savory the Chair of the Residents Association on 01308 421124 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information and to join the campaign.

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