To safeguard and protect the Historic Street Market of Bridport please say NO to any plan or policy to introduce roadside parking meters on East, West and South Street.

Why is this important?

It will not, as claimed, "promote economic growth" or "make the town safer, more attractive" or "generally nicer to visit".

It will have a negative impact on our local economy for the following reasons:

  • It will damage the vitality of our town centre by discouraging essential passing trade to Bridport shops and the extremely popular street market which has traded almost continually since it was granted a charter by Henry the Third in 1253.
  • It will destroy the unique character of one of the few towns left in the UK with a large number of small independent retailers and possibly the best market in the South West of England, which is a huge attraction for local people and visitors alike.
  • If roadside parking meters are introduced and Bridport Town Council are required to compensate Dorset County Council for the loss of income from parking meters on market days, it will inevitably increase market fees and reduce the number of traders subsequently damaging this vibrant, centuries old street market.
  • The street market and shops of Bridport are one of the cornerstones of the economic life of the town. With few other industries in the area offering employment opportunities, anything that damages or undermines the retail trade, will result in a bigger economic claim on Council resources, than any income the County Council is likely to generate from parking meter charges.
  • The addition of more street furniture, will remove the spaces that are used for market stands and will not increase more passing trade, as is claimed.
  • The County Council have already introduced one disastrous major road change to the West Bay area of Bridport, which has caused more accidents and economic damage and will soon be reversed; we do not want the same problems repeated in the Town centre.
  • The loss of income to the Town Council from the market will reduce grants available to local charitable groups through the Town Council's Community Grant Scheme, causing further distress to the voluntary sector which is already struggling due to the tough economic times.

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