These three short films were made by Watershed PR for Spirit of Bridport and funded by Dorset Chalk and Cheese. They really give a taste of the best of West Dorset .


#1 A beautiful spaceEve 30-10-2013 19:21
One of the best qualities of Bridport and the area for me is the Energy of the place. We are half a circle surrounded and gently nurtured by the hills. Eggardon, the root of Power as in Powerstock] Pisdon, the beutiful loving and caring energy of Pilsdon Community. Golden Cap, the golden height of our beautiful Coastline. A place to watch or paint fabulous sun rises and sunsets. Of course there are many other wonderful hills. which contribute their own special energy too. Colmers, Lewesdon, Beaminster Down, Waddon, Gerrards Hill and many more. So what more could we need for experiencing energy of beauty. Thats why my family chose to live here hundreds of years ago. I am so glad that they did and why I am passionate about this wonderful, magical, special part of the world. I give thanks everyday for being here.

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