"Dang Dang Diddly Dang De Dang Dang Dang Diddly Dang De Dang Dang Dang Diddly Dang De Dang White lines....... Boyakasha....."

Centre markings are to be reinstated on the picturesque B3157 following a meeting at Dorset County Council today (15 January)

Members made the decision after considering a report on the Chickerell to Bridport road and listening to local residents’ concerns.

The report set out the reasons for the original design and the collision data for the road before and after the implementation of the scheme.

After resurfacing the road four years ago centre line markings were not replaced at some locations and removed on other sections of the road. The move was part of work to enhance the environment and improve road safety.

A 50mph speed limit was applied between the villages as a result of local consultation and centre warning lines at junctions and identified hazards also remained. Continuous edge markings and cats’ eyes were also put in place along the route.

Further work was carried out in autumn 2012 in response to a road safety audit. This work addressed some inconsistency in the road markings and signs along the route.

However, concerns have been raised by local people about using the road during bad weather especially in mist and fog.

Cllr Spencer Flower, Leader of the county council, said:

“There is no direct evidence from the collision data that removing the white lines has increased or decreased the number of incidents on the road.

“We have listened to local communities’ opinions on this subject and we have made a pragmatic decision.

“We will continue to monitor traffic on the road, but drivers need to adjust their driving style to adapt to the road and weather conditions.”

Replacing the lines will be planned as part of the highways maintenance programme and the cost is around £10,000.

Cllr Ronald Coatsworth, local member for Bride Valley, said:

“There is overwhelming public support from everyone along this road for the centre lines to be replaced. It has been a long battle, but I am delighted with this decision.”

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