mindfestBridport Mind Fest is an independent, open access, all age Festival promoting mental wellbeing runs from Friday 5th to Wednesday 10th October. It celebrates the creative power of the mind. It offers signposts for healing it. It supports people’s aspirations wherever they are on the spectrum of mental wellbeing. Major themes this year are “Stress and the World of Work” and The Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing”.

We all talk about our physical health “I’ve got flu, I broke my leg, I’m fine, I went to see the doctor and she said…”, but we don’t talk about our mental health. Bridport Mind Fest seeks to remove the stigma of mental illness. It aims to get people talking about how we are in ourselves, and where to look for help.

There are over thirty workshops to choose from. These focus on all ages from young people to dementia, Farmers, Service Personnel, creative workshops and a day devoted to the young people.  Seven major events including two films and speakers of national renown. For details see our web site at www.bridportmindfest.org Our programme is widely available around Bridport and at the Tourist Information Centre.

Our hope is that Bridport Mind Fest will reduce the stigma of mental illness and get people talking about, and looking after their mental wellbeing. 
As a consequence, we hope that more people dealing with mental health issues will feel able to ask for help and talk to their partner, GP, teacher or parent. 
This would mean earlier treatment and diagnosis, hopefully reducing the serious impact of long term mental health problems.

About Us We believe in creating a supportive community that looks after its mental wellbeing. It is run by the people of Bridport and takes place in October to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

Funding The festival is funded entirely by donations. Everything is ticketed, but the tickets are by donation. We ask people to give whatever they feel they can. You could access the whole festival for nothing. If you want to make a donation see our website for details at http://bridportmindfest.org/donate-today/ or drop a cheque in to the Aroma Café East Street Bridport. Thank you.

Friday 5th to Wednesday 10th October.

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