wessexPeople from across the Wessex Region are meeting on June 1st 2019 at Salisbury Guild Hall to discuss and sign the declaration below.

Devolution is incomplete in Great Britain with Scotland and Wales enjoying powers denied to the peoples of England who continue to be ruled from Westminster.

This will be the first recorded Witan since the election of Edgar Ætheling (c. 1051 – c. 1126) was the last male member of the royal house of Cerdic of Wessex. He was elected King of England by the Witenagemot in 1066, but never crowned.

The Declaration


Constitutional Crisis

It is clear that we have a major Constitutional crisis over the subject over Brexit, and the conflict between the Westminster Parliament and Direct Democracy (Referendum), we are on of five countries that does not have a written Constitution, a dubious honour we share with Saudi Arabia.

Many people and parties are looking towards a new Constitutional settlement, we are taking as our model the Swiss Cantonal Model and the German Federal Model. Both are successful countries, indeed this is the 100th Anniversary of the Bavarian Free State.


We are looking at the following creating a Confederation- Scotland, Ulster, Wales, Wessex, Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex. The English regions being the old seven Saxon Kingdoms. Edgar Aethling the last elected King of England kept up a twenty year military campaign against the Norman William the Conqueror to regain his throne, which is why there is a twenty year gap between the Battle of Hastings and the Domesday Book. His story is an epic in its own right.

A Free Wessex

This meeting in the Oak Room of Salisbury Guild Hall is to sign a Charter declaring for a Free Wessex. It is drafted in both Old English and Modern English to signify the link between the old Kingdom of Wessex and the modern. A calligrapher is drawing up the Charter.

At a recent lecture on the Wareham Sword in Wareham. The room was overflowing with people wanting to know more about their heritage, and a sword that had once belonged to a member of the Royal House of Wessex. To date nearly seven thousand people have been reached on  a post on Facebook Wessex Witan on the devolution demographics:

  • Population of Scotland: 5, 404,706
  • Population of Wales: 3,125,000
  • Population of Wessex excluding Bristol: 5,430,462
  • Population of Bristol: 535,907

Why are Wales and Scotland permitted self government and the oldest English State not?

Sign Up

People can attend and sign the charter on the first of June by buying a ticket for £12.50 on line, others who cannot make the 1st have requested a later opportunity to sign, this is being arranged.

For further information contact Andrew Withers 07815 620 300 or go to

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