OR Why Bridport would like to flog Vanessa Thorpe all the to way to the sea. In a recent article about the culturally feisty seaside town of Bridport. Vanessa Thorpe, the Observer’s “arts and media correspondent”, offended just about every element of the gloriously diverse town she was attempting to praise. By opening the article with tawdry, ill-informed, name-dropping exercise she demonstrates that she clearly has missed the point about what makes Bridport rather special. The town doesn’t give a frothy coffee about celebrity. 

Indeed it is viewed something of an unfortunate but amusing affliction which needs to be overcome by putting something worthwhile back into the community. Billy Bragg is a case in point. By working with local youth on various creative projects, Billy has largely overcome the negative reverberations of his celebrity by demonstrating repeatedly that he is prepared to put his talents to good use.
On the other hand, Huge Furry Sh***ing Stool, as he is locally known, could try harder. Indeed, there is a local point of view that by packaging local culture for mass consumption on his weekend visits from the smoke to River Cottage he has done the area great damage. The whole point of Bridport is that it is somewhere that you discovered for yourself. People tended to move to the town because they visited someone who lived here and liked the friendly vibe of the place, leading to an ever-expanding population of friendly people. Broadcasting the delightful quality of life here on national television is about as helpful as telling Scousers that there’s good wrecking to be had on the beach. Der!
The increase in house prices which Vanessa seems to think worthy of breathless exhilaration, is a actually serious problem for the young people that live here (“rural workers and fishermen” according to Vanessa the dolt) and would like to be able to afford to continue to do so. A beach hut selling for £500,000 is not a cause for celebration merely a depressing symptom of the fact that there are two economies at work in UK and one of them is populated by dorks with more money than sense. The fact that this unfortunate trend even appears in article by the arts and media correspondent is indicative of the money and property, fads and fashion orientated, culturally vacuous stand-point from which Vanessa writes.
Tell your readers about George Wright’s powerful photo’s of Dorset women in the arts centre, the links of the Electric Palace with the Roxy in Prague, the diverse and inspirational collective of artists at St Michaels Studios, the delightfully eccentric creative output of Herbie Treehead. Better still don’t say anything, we don’t need your hype. The town’s solid history creativity will continue to flourish and bloom without it, it is based on substance not hot air. Beware Vanessa on your next visit, if you hear the sound of pitchforks being sharpened, it’ll be those rural workers keen to break into the cultural sector.

"Notting Hill-on-Sea? hoick ptooi"

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#1 tuzo 26-02-2007 17:48
never mind hunters wellies, have a look at the pair in shoe shop in south street, a bargain, with 50quid knocked off original price, down to 150quid (leather lined wellies?) know who wears these??
#2 draino 26-02-2007 19:47
I would, one must look after ones feet - they\'re great if you\'ve got a wet day out and about and also quite durable for kicking noncing towny scum into ditches.
#3 Radiogirl 01-03-2007 17:52
Uh oh...don\'t go down that road...the Carnival Commitee have famously defended our carnival! Quite dramatically! Actually no, sod it, go down that road...lets whip \'em up into another frenzy! YAY!
#4 Carlito 03-03-2007 11:18
I am emailing this thread to the observer for her attention. That\'ll teach her. No point in us lot whinging about it unless she learns the error of her ways! -
#5 Editor 03-03-2007 11:39
GRRRAAAH... blood.... boiling, brain.... berzerking, going...postal! *deep breath, count to 10* Why is it you can only get planning permission in a village if it's for a holiday let? WDDC I keeel you all...
#6 Denzlepob_at_work 07-03-2007 14:47
www.tokyoplastic.com The most fantastic flash-animation website ever. Enter the site and click on the Box with the red dot. Turn up your loudspeakers to the MAX! When the multi-headed venus fly trap appears, click on the the head that leads you to \""""Drum Machine.\"""" Watch, Listen and ENJOY!
#7 Oi Fatso.....Rosieo6 07-03-2007 19:20
Oi fatso, what about your carbon arseprint !! Cameras everywhere....
#8 Range rover 4.6mrplanet 09-03-2007 19:06
That is about the IQ required to drive one one these monstrosities. I call them \"""" 4 braincell drive\"""" vehicles.They appeal to people who are so shallow, they make teatrays look deep. Never mind \"""" Off road\"""" they never venture off tarmac.A nice red one seemed to think today that he did not have to stop for a lowly pedestrian waitng to cross at a zebra crossing.Mind you Smart cars, or powered wheeliebins, are just as bad!
#9 Ivor Bigun 09-03-2007 22:44
I think Rosieo6 is spot on with his views on this. Denzle,Chelsea tractor.What more can be said !!
#10 Mrs Simpson 10-03-2007 12:28
I think they should ban tractors in country lanes and have some sort of agricultural overhead pulley system a bit like the one they used to have in Elmes.
#11 Grapeivy 12-03-2007 17:30
...I'm fed up with those who deign to grace us with their presence and then wonder where the nearest Waitrose is and """"why bother to re-open the Palace when there is such a lovely multiplex in Weymouth?"""" (overheard the other day!) grrrrr!
#12 Denzlepob_at_work 17-03-2007 08:21
I lied to stir things up, I am 12 and not yet in possession of a driving licence, my mums gonna kill me. Not really at work (paper round) Cameras everywhere.........
#13 bloody towniestuzo 17-03-2007 11:12
#14 tuzo 19-03-2007 12:45
no no no, not bloody townies grrr..... i was wondering why range rover 4.6 was growling? I dont know what a bloody townie is anyway?
#15 Hippamus 13-04-2007 20:02
I\'m afraid the laugh\'s on you lot! I don\'t know if you\'re a bunch of smart Alecs or clever Dicks. Your lovely old town really is like Notting Hill (I know the area and its inhabitants quite well) - as someone said, a real mish mash etc.. Don\'t be so ready to bite the hand that feeds you to the tune of £5,000,000 a year. The housing problem is not peculiar to Bridport or Dorset it\'s endemic throughout the country - even in the real Notting Hill.
#16 mrplanet 16-04-2007 12:42
The moral of the story is... never shop when you\'re in a hurry. oh and never shop when your really hungry either... BIIIIG MISTAKE!
#17 JackAbbottRIP 10-05-2007 19:03
It\\\'s obvious, we need to club together and open luxury car dealerships, get a Moschino franchise, patio heater gas supply outlets on every corner, Marks & Spencer, John Lewises, sell Bridport Football club (to a Russian Oligarch), bellboys, a supercasino, an eye, Tommy Gofigure, tapas bars, electric cars, shops selling sunglasses for the on top of heads, free charlie deliveries, babysitters, rugby shirt outlets, big mouth kids, helicopter pad, 4x4x4\\\'s, ten quid cappuccinose, Hello, Coutts & Co, those multicoloured bastard slip on plastic slipper things, really pointy shoes............... For Sale, Shed, sea views 900k first to see will cry. Cameras everywhere.........
#18 Carlito 12-05-2007 13:13
...if your corperate health spa includes a range of vast conferencing suites then I reckon you\'re just about there!

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