I see a Councillor Cast has recommended a 20 mph speed limit  for the whole of Bridport to the Town Council to stop boy racers speeding up and down West/East/South Streets after 11pm. The police say these should be accompanied with road humps and other 'traffic calming' measures to stop them.
All I can say is that the history of modern politics is littered with the imposition of sweeping and draconian laws that are aimed at curbing the influence of a tiny minority of wrongdoers but affect us all.

Our way of life and liberties are constantly being eroded by blanket legislation aimed at the lone lunatic in Dunblane, the pit bull terrier owner in Liverpool or the  radicalised fundamentalist in Beeston.  Because of the knee-jerk reaction of vainglorious politicians eager to impress us with their decisive and unequivocal leadership, we are all suffering. Sledgehammers to crack tiny nuts (and nutters).

I am so sad to see Bridport Town Councillor Keith Cast being lured into the same mindset by suggesting that the entire motoring population of our town  needs a  20 mph limit to curb the behaviour of  a tiny number of boy racers driving after nightfall. There is plenty of law to deal with the problem, if only someone would get up off their backsides and enforce it.  Under section 59 of Police Reform Act 2002 for instance, police have sweeping powers to confiscate vehicles being driven dangerously or to the alarm, distress or annoyance of any member of the public.

Perhaps Councillor Cast could consider siding with the majority of us law abiding citizens rather than acting against us and politely ask our kindly bobbies in Bridport Police Station to take a short rest from form- filling and get out there and use their legal powers for the benefit of us all.


#1 The Bat 05-07-2007 23:50
If the boy racers ignore the 30mph speed limit what makes this councillor think they will observe a 20mph limit? I think most of these councillors just make a noise to get noticed.
#2 Rustic 06-07-2007 08:35
20 miles per hour is a ludicrous speed limit and far to high. I have yet to achievce the giddy heights of 20MPH driving through town most days nor would I want to. What sort of speed freak lunatic councillor would sugest that we should all drive as fast as that, I can feel a nose bleed coming on just thinking about it. The rapid councillor is right in the sense that 20MPH is plenty fast enough for any town centre and the sooner we all accept that the pedestrian should be the king in a town centre and stop pandering to the motor lobby the better our lives will be.
#3 mb46 07-07-2007 00:05
While I do not wish to comment on the proposal for a 20mph speed limit through th town centre, I thoroughly support the call for one past St Catherine\'s School. According to my calculations, driving for 100 yards at 20mph instead of 30mph would mean an increased journey time of 20 seconds. Given also that responsible drivers are likely to be already travelling at less than 30mph at this point, the increase in journey time would be even less and, in my view well worth it if one horrific accident would be prevented or merely less fear and stress caused to chidren, their parents and their teachers. I do not see why road humps would be needed. The police would have the power to stop drivers who exceed the limit and if reallocation of police priorities to do this is too much to expect, why not install speed cameras which always work and guarantee that people who exceed the limit would be fined - no exceptions, except for emergency services?
#4 The Bat 09-07-2007 06:54
Speed cameras would not capture the white van that parks on the traffic lights at the junction of the town hall every market day, thereby totally obscuring the traffic signals to any motorist travelling along East Street. Which in turn causes a danger to all road users. Why don\'t the council do something about that, such as not allowing market stalls on this junction?
#5 Carlito 09-07-2007 08:43
Hang on a second! It was only about 3/4 years ago that they put a speed limit on Pymore Road anyway! It used to be 60 all the way to Pymore, and that bit leading up to St. Catherines was the perfect run up for entry into the Bat Cave... Now, there\'s a bloody pavement off the road AND a 30 mph limit!??!!! Getting run over on the way to Colfox was a way of natural selection back in the day! It\'s those IDIOTS that bought a house right on the road that are always complaining. You didn\'t hear Sister Anna complaining about the traffic 10 years ago did you eh? I tell you this town is turning into one huge bloody safety net. P.S. - I\'m not a \""""speeder\"""", just fed up of more of the council\'s money being spent on traffic calming when really they should be spending it on ME. P.P.S. - and as for the town....the only people that the new 20MPH speed limit will affect are the people that stick to the speed limit! Boy racers in the early hours of the morning, aren\'t about to have a flash inspiriation are they?!
#6 Waynflete 09-07-2007 12:19
Why does an intelligent chap like Keith Cast who has done a lot for Bridport over the years take this rediculous stance on young people speeding? If it\'s politicking, shame on you Keith. I agree completely with BR\'s editorial (take their cars away and crush them, that\'ll cure it) and why we want to keep bringing in new laws for things that are already covered is only of interest if you\'re a lawyer.
#7 goccibos 10-07-2007 12:13
With all the interest in Formula 1 at the mo I suggest formalise Bridport as a F1 track, a la Monarco. Start in S Street at Town hall, Crown roundabout, Sea Road South, East St out to Miles Cross, on the A35 to the fiish at the Crown Roundabout?
#8 mad majors mate 11-07-2007 18:05
This proposed removal of a great Bridport tradition is yet another nail in the coffin of the town we all knew and loved. Why, when I was a lad it was almost a spectator sport for the local bobbies to watch us zooming through the streets of our home town. I am very proud of the fact that, as far as I am aware, I am still the holder of the record for the highest speed ever attained driving past Dinger Bells, 95 mph, achieved in my dads Ford Granada 3ltr estate at about 3.30 am one night in 197-something. Who can forget the drag races along Sea Road south before they put those silly island things in the way? Or the time trials from the Kings Head to the Red Lion in Beaminster and back? Driving along the wrong side of the Askers dual carriageway at top speed in thick fog? I feel sorry for the young generation of Bridportians (all seven of them)- they\'ll never be able to experience the good, clean fun that we did.
#9 goccibos 13-07-2007 10:09
20 MPH down West Bay Road? Just because some speed freaks exceed the mandatory 30MPH speed limit that exists already? Well question number one would be, come on you coppers, stop playing with your new \""""head cameras\"""" at a cost of £1,700 each and get on with your job and stop these speeding motorists.(Yes folks, police are at present testing the use of headcams, neatly tucked behind plod\'s ear, so you wont notice that youre gonna be on the next edition of \""""you\'ve been framed\"""") but i wish some Councillor would look at speed limits elsewhere, just CAST an eye along the A35 through the London Inn hamlet on the way to chideock!! Still the most lethal stretch of road in Dorset and still nothing done about it, a 60MPH limit on a very narrow, darkened-by- trees road which is like Brands Hatch and Silverstone put together: endless accidents, fatalies, serious injuries, near misses, and nothing done, come on , it\'s question of priorities here i think, do the most important first eh? (cameras everywhere, cops even wearing them yipes!!)
#10 dragon 13-07-2007 11:39
iwas wrong (ss 820 its by a man called Clarke van Ness \'twas and evening in October, I confess I wasn\'t sober I was carting home a load with manly pride, when my feet began to stutter and i fell into the gutter, And a pig came up and lay down by my side. Then I lay there in the gutter and my heart was all a flutter, Till a lady, passing by, did chance to say: \""""you can tell a man that boozes by the company he chooses\"""", the the pig got up and slowly walked away. (music by F.Henri klickmann) You should take something for that cough, its sounds nasty!
#11 dragon 21-07-2007 20:17
Goccibos, thank you once again for yet another inane comment! We all know its the people on the roads who are dangerous, and not the roads themselves, you do like to state the obvious don\'t you? It is precisely because of the people on the roads that laws and limits and parking restrictions are made isn\'t it? SO ALL I AM ASKING FOR IS SOME ACTION TO CONTROL THE DANGEROUS PEOPLE ON THE ROAD, simple innit?
#12 goccibos 23-07-2007 15:15
Dragon, thank you too for yet another of your offensive rants. It\'s not the fault of the Police that people speed they have their priorities. Please in future be constructive even silly but don\'t be rude; the \""""abuse a member\"""" has finished. END.
#13 mad majors mate 23-07-2007 17:39
Hey Barman... You\'re SPOT ON fella... Good on Yer!! And I was kiddin; its a brilliant car for the journey... I\'d SO love to get off my backside and do some of that ....I\'ve bn thinkin about it a long time.. but I\'ve too many motors as it is... Let me know yr back and I tell yer I\'ll buy you ten pints...(well two or three) Its a Great crack. Best of luck pal...
#14 goccibos 24-07-2007 08:36
Reece must have got casting couch inspiration from a shop in Scummerfields on saturday morning, I\'ve often thought our town has echoes of Royston Vasey!
#15 Carlito 24-07-2007 11:06
I quite agree with you \'Bat Person\'! The only problem is, that of the several/quite a few men (not sure exactly how many) that were approached to do the job - none were interested. Hence the female parading around the town in her hand made (and not from the pantomime players, as some think) Chinese get-up. I have to say that Town Criers, from towns around Bridport are probably laughing their sox off! What was wrong with having a \'female size\' bell? Surely she knew what the job entailed before offering her services? And little John Morey, bless his hide, wasn\'t exactly a man mountain, eh? I can\'t wait to read te Bridport News mail bag this week!
#16 dragon 25-07-2007 10:24
This will be the very last comment from this contributor folks, since carlito and goccibos seem to think my knickers are in such a twist, i shall leave the space open for them to rant instead, since it seems i upset both with my comments, though i would point out that i never mean offence by what i write, but over-sensitive people seem tyo think i am being offensive So I shall carry on reading, with interest, naturally, bye bye ________________________ Oh no! There goes another one - did your mums tell you to """"stop playing so roughly - It'll end in tears"""" sigh - ED
#17 Morning Loves It 25-07-2007 14:09
The Boys Are Doing Much Flouncing.
#18 wurzel 25-07-2007 14:28
Seems to me everyone is throwing their toys out of the pram at the moment!! I\\\'ve followed the comments, rants & diatribes with great interest and yes it does get personal and OTT at times but going off in a sulk isn\\\'t going to solve anything. Might I suggest that there is a bit of a lesson to be learned here. Post your comments, make them controversial, amusing etc but maybe take the edge off the personalisation of your comments and respect each others (rather sensitive) feelings. Bridport Radio is a unique and great resource. It deserves our support and should be a vehicle for us locals to express our views and our love of the area, and dare I say it to show the strength of our community, not how bitchy we can get with each other. C\\\'mon guys stop the hissy fits and kiss & make up you bunch of To**ers. OOh this is all too much I\\\'m going to have to go and lie down now! _______________ Thank you Wurzel - well said - Ed
#19 Rosieo6 12-08-2007 14:31
Please do not ask to have a speed limit past St Catherines.It is a nightmare at pick up and drop off time.People have no patience at all and some are just downright rude! I have had the pleasure of one particular person who was determined to get thru to pymore even if they had to go OVER several cars.Maybe some flashing lights so people know it school time and avoid pymore road would help.

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