Herring GullIt's that time to resurrect the Seagull issue again. They screech 24/7, disassemble dustbins, befoul our cars, buildings and washing lines and are generally considered a pest. On the other side of the coin they are beautiful creatures doing what comes naturally to them. So what is to be done? Bridport Radio wants your views leave your comments below.

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#1 gulls and rubbishdoug the hat 11-03-2006 15:18
There must be a colour that gulls won't go near! why doesn't some enterprising bin-bag manufacturer do some research into producing a gull-proof bin bag and make themselves a fortune by patenting the idea? just a thought......... doug
#2 They have a right to live, just as we dobrian 11-03-2006 16:18
It should be a general rule that people have bins with lids on which are not easily opened by rats, gulls etc. seagulls are loud and annoying, but then so are we, right? and no one wants to cull us! I don't agree with culling any animal - it is wrong. they have a right to live, just as we do. JL
#3 Vocal Local 14-03-2006 14:26
I agree with a Cull, vermin is vermin. It does not help as there are several members of the Bridport community feeding the gulls. Ideally preventing them access to bins, by every house having a wheely bin would be ideal, but this does not stop the problem of them dive bombing people when they have young, several people have been hurt. In short Cull as many as possible and fine people for feeding them, they would not incourage rats and seagulls are vermin the same as rats!!!
#4 Chamber Viewdogface 24-03-2006 20:39
The Chamber of Trade has been trying to get a Bylaw in place for some time to encourage rubbish to be placed in a gull-proof bin - but its a slow process ........
#5 SEA gullsRustic 26-03-2006 16:39
The traditional calling of the gulls is once again drowned out by selfish and somewhat stupid people calling for a cull of these magnificent and graceful creatures. When I first moved here I soon realised that the sea was nearby and therefore seagulls would be around. I realised that seagulls at various times of the year make a bit of a racket and also that if you are too bone idle to cover your rubbish properly they will jump at the chance of a free meal. I agree that it is wrong to feed them and any-one caught doing so should be fined (perhaps the dog warden could double up as a seagul warden to enforce this. If culling is to occur then I insist on a cull of all other song birds that wake me up in the morning as well as all the fish in the sea as I cant stand the thought of swimming where fish have been doing there toilet, while we are at it how about getting rid of all the cows and sheep as all they do is go about bleating, mooing and messing up the country side. What the potential seagull killers need to realise is that the fact they wind you up so much makes some of us laugh.
#6 tinymind 27-03-2006 15:04
The Gulls need to be culled as they are out of hand, They are no more than flying rats the only difference is Rats don't defacate on your head. Also why not cull anybody who feeds the Gulls this might make people think before they feed them.
#7 No cull but harvest6of1 30-03-2006 10:35
Perhaps if we called it harvesting and not culling people would not mind so much, not many people are kicking up about the thousands of chickens that go to food production every week. So let us take some seagulls and serve them up to grockles as a local delicacy - """"Sea Chicken - mmm with that delicious flavour of bins and tar""""
#8 Cull The Gullverity 04-04-2006 18:21
I had the most unfotunate experiance last week of being crapped on by a large and feathery gull! This has never happened to me before and at the time was rather embarrasing as it was in a very public place on market day! However the days following the unfortunate event were wonderful! I got four balls on the lottery, won on the horses, my nearest and dearest had a good result in court and one of my good friends was given the ok with regards to her cancer remission! I would recomend being crapped on by a seagull to everyone- therefore- SAVE THE GULL!
#9 Cull?ooaargh 04-04-2006 18:22
Culling is a pointless waste of time as they breed like crazy and will keep coming, still this will give the gung ho, kill crazy cullers something to do. What you need to do to reduce the numbers is replace thier eggs with china ones. That way before the daft gulls realise that is not going to hatch it is too late in the season to start again. I run a company manufacturing china eggs although I see no conflict of interest. Does this mean I could become a councillor or even an MP
#10 Bird Fluchancery 07-04-2006 22:27
I think that our local Golf Club should be very active in prompting the prevention of this bird flu by banning all birdies, eagles and albatrosses from the course.
#11 draino 09-04-2006 13:09
Gulls only natural predator is the Sea Eagle but with an eight foot wingspan I dont think we need too many of them around either.
#12 Stretchy Nuts 12-04-2006 10:20
being as we (humans) think we are at the top of the food chain, surely there is another predator of the gull... us!
#13 Waldorf and Stadtler 12-04-2006 10:22
Intead of culling, we could introduce trapping and mis-direction. With some careful timing, and by handing out sachets of seagull pheremones cleverly disguised as Fishermans' friends at carvan parks across the area... When the caravaners leave, they'll take flocks and flocks of horny seagulls with them. Killing two birds with one stone (groan).
#14 Evolution will solve itrustic 14-04-2006 13:24
“When the seagull follows the trawler he is looking for the sardines”, so says that great philosopher Eric Cantona, but he has got a point (and a wicked left foot) Evolution states that we all descended from apes, well if that’s the case how come there are any apes left as they should have all evolved by now into us. Likewise so the theory goes is that a fish wriggled up the beach grew a few feathers and started to fly. Based on that principal if you throw enough dolphins off of west bay cliff eventually one of them is going to grow feathers and fly. Likewise if you keep holding seagulls under water they will eventually dump the feathers grow scales and restock the sea with fish. This is the sort of thinking that makes Britain great
#15 RE: CULL THE GULL?denzlepob 13-05-2006 00:02
Seagulls aren't stupid, they can fly, walk, undoo a bin bag, remove chips from the elderly, sqwooork, poo on cars that have just been cleaned, impersonate cats, fight, stay up all night, stay out all night, sh*g anywhere, sh*t in mid air, shoplift, steal from boats and talk about YOU behind your back. I have never seen a seagull roll a fag.
#16 RE: CULL THE GULL?the bat 30-05-2006 11:17
Keep the Gulls, Cull the Drug users.That's wot I say.
#17 RE: CULL THE GULL?denzlepob 01-06-2006 22:11
Cull the drug abusing gulls.
#18 RE: CULL THE GULL?The Bat 06-07-2006 20:56
A seagull chick has fallen out of its nest into the car park at my place of work in Bridders. I have named him 'Stevie'. Stevie is really cool, and I have been feeding him crab sticks to nurture him whle he becomes fully fledged and can look after himself. I check on Steveie once or thrice a day and hope to see him take to the sky and sore into the blue one day soon. I think people should be more tolrant of gulls, they were here first. Yours, ... The Bat
#19 RE: CULL THE GULL?Footy Seagull 19-08-2006 13:21
While we are getting rid of all the seagulls we should also get rid of all the fish in the sea. Just image if there were no fish in the sea it would be a lot cleaner because there would be no S***t from all the fish!!! Oh yes we should also get rid of all porpoises, seals, dolphins, whales etc to keep the sea nice and clean for the oil tankers to dump their oil in. Oh and don't forget all the pidgeons who are always s***ing on people and buildings. The we can get rid of all the dogs (oh yes please) so our pavements and beaches are clean. Any more ideas for getting rid of wild life to keep skies and seas cleaner?
#20 RE: CULL THE GULL?Carlito 22-08-2006 13:26
Seagulls should be trained in stick-twiddling and used to replace fat majorettes at the Bridport Carnival.
#21 RE: CULL THE GULL?Ivor Bigun 17-10-2006 19:21
The last time you were down West Bay,how many Seagulls did you see feeding from the sea ? I bet 99% of them have no idea whats in the water anymore as they were not brought up to feed from there. Their numbers do need to be controlled though,and i believe that anyone who owns a property should be obliged to ensure that these birds can NOT nest on their roofs by any means necessary !! If they can not breed in town then they should move on else where,unlike the towns druggies!
#22 Pandora 22-03-2007 23:21
I agree with \'yardarm\' - if we weren\'t so slovenly the gulls wouldn\'t be interested in the public places but find food elsewhere. We have rooks nearby who squawk, break bits off of my birch tree for their very clever nests, steal hen\'s eggs out of the houses, pull up beans and peas and leave droppings like all birds do - it\'s against the law to harass their nesting areas so we live and let live and swear at the same time!

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