Thought it would be a good idea for Bridport Radio members to start passing on top tips about the tradesmen, businesses and other services that we like. At the moment I'm looking for a builder and an electrician that come with a good recommendation. All local businesses are entitled to a free listing on BridportRadio so contact us now to find out how. Meanwhile here are a few best of Bridport businesses to get you started...

Snooks Gentlemen's Outfitter, West Street - I love buying things from this shop. It's particularly good for hats, best thing is to explain to Mr Snook what you want a hat for and then let him do his stuff. Davy's Locker - fishmonger based on Dreadnought Trading Estate - fish so fresh it's relatives haven't even missed it yet. Solid advice and a glitter of gold teeth with every purchase. Smith & Smith I can't wait til I'm gentleman enough to buy something from them. The Riverside, West Bay it might be pricey but it aint pretentious.

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#1 Pymore Goat 14-09-2007 10:05
I like getting my hair cut by Mark in South Street - but he\'s a camp, moody old bugger. Some days he\'s great - others he\'s a rude old codger. I like the dreadlocked young barman in The Woodman - can\'t remember his name. I love going to the Electric Palace ...
#2 Pymore Goat 14-09-2007 10:05
I thoroughly endorse your comments about Snooks Outfitters. There aren\'t many establishments as classy as this one left in the country. And Mr Snook is very helpful. Did you know he\'s into horology? (a particular pastime of my own)
#3 goccibos 14-09-2007 10:10
Top class builder: Steve Turner, lives on Burton rd but don\'t have tel No. Friendly, fair and honest! Snooks are fab! Groves Nursery, always friendly Bridfish for some unusal food treats what about ones to milly natty wildy solicitors for looking down on you
#4 The Bat 14-09-2007 11:33
Snooks is indeed a highly individual shop - but does anyone under the age of 60 ever buy anything from there? One does see numerous folk of that age around the town seemingly decked out from head to foot in Snook stuff. I call them \""""Snookers\"""" haha. I am very funny.
#5 tuzo 15-09-2007 10:31
I buy stuff there.. wonderful hat, bandanas and dinky tool for taking girl guides out of horses hooves, or was it for doing something with a pipe... good whatever the purpose. The fish shop in south street always interesting conversations about..... everything and the history of samphire.... a forgotten gem. Those pymore goats dont just eat anything I recall, they are waiting for quality treats i think?
#6 Rosieo6 16-09-2007 17:58
I think Frosts is great.You can get lost in there for days!Heard loads of grockles saying they love it too! Double drive computers good too,the man doesn\'t look down on you when you don\'t know what its called and can recognise a \'thingy for a wotsit\' when you describe it! Humberts are very snotty.\""""we have nothing you can afford\""""...Won\'t be going to them when I win lottery!
#7 Pymore Goat 16-09-2007 18:54
The Pymore Goats are very choosy about what they eat, that\'s true. I tried them with a carrot - but they weren\'t interested , however, I know chop a carrot up into small pieces- and they deem that suitable. They are also keen on Polo mints. Their names are Libby & Tilda.
#8 colonel blount 18-09-2007 20:16
Snook\'s Italian sweaters are a must for the more dapper Bridportonian. Just the shop to equip oneself for a trip up the limpopo. Martin Radcliffe is the man for your electrical problems, he looked after The George when it was refurbished. Balsons: sausages to die for. Leakers for a superb range of bread and forbidden cakes. The fish man on the market is a good chap. Frosts for The Telegraph and stationery to write to The Times. Also good for various culinary requirements, at very reasonable prices. Pete Gruitt is a good painter & decorator.
#9 Beancounter 18-09-2007 23:28
Steve\'s in East St for a haircut. Motor Care on the Dreadnought estate for your MOT. Bridport Record Centre for CDs, the guy on the market in South St for DVDs, he\'s next to the tourist information office on Saturdays (not sure where on Weds). Although I shouldn\'t have said that \'cos now you\'ll nick all the good ones before I get down there.
#10 goccibos 19-09-2007 11:25
bspoke bike shop in South St, top man Agree with motor Care (9) they actually try to mend things rather than doing a bolt off/bolt on job The timber place on St Michaels, usually get what you need at a reasonable price NOT; Macakkies for destroying Humphries shop front(oh why did you leave us)
#11 1950sparks 21-09-2007 12:24
I\'m feeling rather skittish (must be this kilt !) and have to say I found Pymore\'s snookers joke terribly amusing and burst out laughing. (Got a few dirty looks in the office though.) However I wouldn\'t go Snook-ing for bananas Tuzo and also I\'d keep it quiet about the dinky tool. While we\'re on the subject my wife bought a clapped out old garden chair for a huge amount of money, from a lovely woman in the market, that someone must have found lying on the floor of someone\'s shed (the chair not the woman)and now it is lying at the bottom of my shed - looks really good though, so I would recommend that stall.
#12 mutley 21-09-2007 17:45
i agree with the comment on davys locker, great fish and a good laugh
#13 Rustic 23-09-2007 19:37

Snooks is a treasure chest of goodies and if you don't shop there I suggest you do the next time you are buying any clothing. The man is a class act and if you don't know what to wear or what goes with what he will tell you. 
Good News for the papers and lottery and fags Ron and Sandra and the ladies who work there are always up for a chat and a laugh and his bargain bin is the best place in Bridport to get a good quaffable bottle of wine at a bargain price. 
Longs in King St where you have to wait while they cook it fresh, Pauline is a hard working diamond who rules her frying floor with a steel fist in a velvet glove and the food is always superb. 
The Hope and Anchor for obvious reasons and also the Tiger for a big place outside to smoke. 
The Hare and Hounds at Waytown (near enough to be in bridport) for having the best beer garden view in Dorset and really good unfussy food. 
The Bookshop for steadfastly remaining a miserable, albeit an affable, old git under the gaudy competition of Ottakers. 
RK Tools for having stuff 
Mike and Sue’s health food store up Vicky grove, for always being up for a grin and genuinely being helpful and cheerful. 
Smith and Smith for rigidly clinging to the fifties 
Rays Attic down Gundry lane, he is a lovely feller and the stuff he has got is great and sensible money. 
The French market stall down opposite scummers on a saturday, mmmmmn those stinky cheeses gonna make me phat phat phat 

Places to Avoid:
Pound stretcher cos somethings are more than a quid and most of it is tat 
The Chinese and Indian takeaways in west street for being gut churningly awful 
Alis kebabs for not cleaning up the spew and litter their customers are responsible for 
There's that ponce infested, poor service, all style and no substance, notting hilly, poo pile that Bridport doesn't need. 
Peacocks, because it should be called ""One Wash"" because wash this crap once and it will either fall apart shrink or dissolve  
West Bay (apart from the Quartemasters) 
because... because.. oh just go down and have a look. I rest my case. 
Anything that describes itself as Gusto, or Gastro because it will normally mean incomers pandering to weekenders with overpriced gut chuck. 
Pams because I always want to have a poo 5 minutes after being in the place and she is too expensive.

#14 tinkywinky 28-09-2007 13:10
Snooks sell the most amazing hankerchiefs that could double as tablecloths. Even if you've got a stinking cold, you wouldn't have to wash them for months, there's so much to them. Alternatively you could use the tablecloths at The Bull. You wouldn't have to wash them at all.
#15 goccibos 16-10-2007 10:09
Made me laugh to read the front page of the Bridport News. \""""Lives Before Flats\"""" - parents banging on about how dangerous it will be for their children if flats are built in Victoria Grove. The first thing these parents should do is tell their kids to walk on the bloody pavement and not swan about in the middle of Pymore Road and Victoria Grove. Try driving along between 3.30 and 4.00pm on a weekday - the road is full of these stupid kids walking in the middle of the road - and they seem genuinely astonished when a car appears. There is a perfectly good pavement - but these little morons like to walk in the road - on both sides - leaving about three feet for a car. One of these little sods will be knocked down - THEN something will be done about it.
#16 Pymore Goat 16-10-2007 20:47
I didn\'t realise there were allocated parking areas, I just did as most do and parked on the side of the road, sod the zig zags, yellow lines, bus stops and junctions. If you can\'t beat them, join them!
#17 Carlito 17-10-2007 14:55
Julian Graves won\'t be supporting local produce or the economy (apart from a couple of part-timers), and they\'ve boystrously barged in on a town that already has 3 whole food shops, of which Fruits of The Earth is undoubtedly the best, so the best thing we can do is boycott the swines and make them realise what a mistake they\'ve made. Let\'s do it.
#18 Rustic 17-10-2007 15:18
Julian Graves??? I don\'t know what old tat they flog but with a name like that I bet they have a branch in Notting Hill
#19 Morning Loves It 17-10-2007 18:33
I have never heard of Julian Graves so Googled. And then I found this.
#20 Denzlepob_at_work 18-10-2007 06:22
BLIMMING HECK RUSTICHIO, we are shopping in the same shops !! Those guys that run the Health Food shop on South Street are also very nice. I popped int JD Witheredspoons yesterday to blag some of their free wireless access, I did feel obliged to have a cupofchino coffee, they had run out of milk, I suggested I pop out and get some for my coffee, they told me it was against health and safety regulations and the wireless was down. (I am turning into a ponce)PLANET MAD Cameras everywhere.........
#21 Denzlepob_at_work 18-10-2007 06:25
Vote for me in the coming Mayoral elections and I will promise zero business rates on shops with less than three branches and treble for those with more than three branches. Simple solutions from your local simpleton. Cameras everywhere......
#22 Beancounter 18-10-2007 23:49
Glad I don\'t run a chain store. I\'d want to avoid those treble zero business rates. Not sure why we need all these \'whole food\' shops. I was going to joke about all my food being whole, but then realised most of it is sliced or chopped in some way. Perhaps there is a need after all. I already miss Paperchain, and that embarrassing moment when you discover that you don\'t like anything but you can\'t walk past the nice old lady on the till without buying anything. The one over the road isn\'t the same, you just don\'t get the same guilt trip.

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